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Scotland Aberdeen LawThe Texas A&M University School of Law Global Programs May 2018 Field Study course "Scotland: Natural Resource Management and Dispute Resolution" explored European Union and international law as they apply to energy, environmental, and climate change policy issues. The​ students were able to experience dispute resolution and commercial arbitration in Scotland, the UK, and the EU. ​

The​ course offered a first-hand deep dive into the regulatory, political, and environmental issues at play in the region. Taking advantage of the Scottish location, students learned about the history and evolution of Scots Law and the present mix of legal institutions, as well as the ​legal issues and business of managing the North Sea oil and gas fields -- unique experiences ​which ​could not be replicated in the classroom.

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Glen Garioch Distillery

Posted by Kristin Bussell Newby, J.D. '19

Scotland Glen Garioch distillery

scotland-garioch-sign-wKeeping in theme with difficult pronunciations, our next field trip away form Aberdeen University and our ongoing research was to taste Glen Garioch Scottish whisky at its namesake distillery. Locals pronounce it “Glen Gear-ee,” like the gear on a bike and “ee” rhyming with whisky. Go figure! 

After our days studying Scots history but preceding this distillery visit, we had the privilege of meeting with several solicitors of varying tenure at Aberdeen’s Burness Paull LLP law offices. The first set of speakers spoke both to Scottish legal education generally and the in’s and out’s on a day in the life of a Scottish ​Oil and ​Gas lawyer at Burness Paull, specifically. One of the most informative bits of this session was to hear about these topics from varying perspectives: one speaker was a trainee-solicitor, another an already fully-qualified solicitor, and two of their leaders at the associate level.

Scotland Aberdeen Univ LawAt the University of Aberdeen with Rona Jamieson and Lynne Gray from Burness Paull ​LLP sharing their expertise on offshore safety, environmental standards and compliance with the Texas A&M Law students. The​y also ​examine the differences in application between the U.K. Bribery Act and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The next session included a deep dive into much of the regulatory side of Scottish oil and gas production. Our two esteemed speakers of Burness Paull’s Health & Safety division spoke to the environmental health and safety regime in the U.K., as well as the differences between the U.K. and the U.S. on bribery and foreign corrupt practices. 

So after much serious talk, we needed a beverage. Being the distillery easiest to visit from Aberdeen, Glen Garioch won our bus tickets and taste buds with a “wee tasting tour.” We learned much about the history of making scotch and Glen Garioch’s role in the local and international importance of this iconic Scottish beverage.

Scotland Garioch Distillery tour
Scotland Glen Garioch Distillery