Summer Clinic Course

The Summer Clinic course offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in the general areas of interviewing, counseling, dispute resolution, law practice management, legal research and other core lawyering skills that advances their career development. As a primarily  experiential course, this course focuses on teaching professional skills and integrates doctrine, theory and legal ethics.

Students in the summer clinic will be assigned cases from either the Family and Veterans Advocacy Clinic or the Tax Dispute Resolution Clinic.

Students enrolling with an interest in Family and Veterans issues will learn about divorce, custody, child support, family violence, protective orders, veterans’ benefits and other issues, plus preparing for trials.

Students enrolling with an interest in tax will learn how to dispute additional taxes imposed by the IRS (during audits, administrative appeals, or Tax Court litigation) and how to settle tax debts for less than the full amount owed. 

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Application Process

To apply for a summer clinic, please fill out the Clinic application form.