Academic Support for Bar Exam Preparation

Helping our students prepare for the Texas Bar Exam is one of the most important things we do in the Academic Support Program. We have access to both internal and external resources that can help our students improve their chances of passing the bar on the first try. Here are just a few of our resources:

Preparing for the Bar Course: ​The class familiarizes students in their final year with the contents of the bar exam and seeks to impart the critical skills and strategies necessary for success on each day of the exam.

Bar Exam Boot Camps: We host a series of Bar Exam Boot Camps that are offered during the Bar Exam Study Period that focus on the MPT, MBE and Essay day strategy through hands-on practice.

Bar Exam Preparation advising: We can help you design your personal bar exam success strategy.

Bar Study Aids and Resources: When you need additional study problems, ​we have bar exam study resources for your use.

More Helpful Information

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