Students must designate the election of the pass/fail option by submitting an electronic or paper Pass/Fail Request Form to Student Services by the dates listed on the Academic Calendar. The pass/fail option cannot be elected while registering online. Student Services will verify all pass/fail elected credit. To preserve anonymity, students must not communicate a pass/fail election to their professor.

No more than 12 credit hours earned in courses graded on a pass/fail basis may be counted toward the total number of 90 hours required for graduation. Within these 12 hours, students may not earn more than six hours pass/fail credit in any one activity, such as law review, Family Law and Benefits Clinic or moot court, and no more than seven pass/fail credit hours for letter-graded courses elected as pass/fail. Transfer credits are not included in this limit, nor are credits earned for retaking a failed course or credits earned for the Preparing for the Bar course. 

A student may not elect to take any of the following courses on a pass/fail basis unless the course is offered only on a pass/fail basis:

  • a lockstep course,
  • a required course,
  • a course taken to satisfy the rigorous writing requirement,
  • a course taken to satisfy the upper-level oral skills requirement, or
  • a course taken to satisfy the requirements for a concentration program.

Please review section 8.5 of the law school’s Academic Standards, found in the Student Handbook for the complete rules and regulations concerning pass/fail credits.

Pass/Fail Request Form