Room Reservation / Event Request Forms

Student Organization Requests

There are 2 types of room reservation requests -- Event requests and Internal Meeting requests:

Event Request:
If you need a room reserved for an event your student organization is planning/hosting that is NOT an internal meeting, please click on the Event Request Form link below:

Student Event Request Form

Use the above Event Request Form button if your event ​needs/has any of the following:
  • is open for students to attend, i.e. an "audience" (not just a select group of ​attendees like a board meeting or officer meeting)
  • you want it listed on the website event calendar or weekly events digital screen
  • you want your event flyer posted
  • A/V or IT support (microphones, conference call, Powerpoint presentation)
  • room set-up (tables at front, check-in table, etc.)
  • has guest speakers
  • catering or food delivery
  • registration

  • Need just a room?
    Internal Meeting Room Reservation Only:

    If you simply need to request a room for an internal meeting requiring no A/V or room set-up, no guest speakers, no "audience," no catering, no registration, no marketing, etc.; that you do not want listed on the website event calendar, please click on the Internal Room Reservation Request link below:

    Internal Meeting Room Reservation Request
    Please note that both request forms require prior approval from your organization's faculty advisor. You can submit the approval within the request form as an attachment or forward it directly to
    Faculty/Staff:  Please use the separate forms for Faculty/Staff/Department meetings and events.