Student Eligibility

Externship-UTAExtern Preston Morgan (on left) at University of Texas-Arlington, Office of Technology Management

Before a student can participate in the General Externship Program, the student must:

  1. Have successfully completed 29 credit hours;

  2. Have a GPA of 2.33 or better (after all the 29 credit hours have been recorded);

  3. Be in good standing and enrolled in a minimum of 8 credit hours (excluding students enrolled in summer session, in their final semester, or with the Dean’s permission to enroll in fewer than 8 hours);

  4. Have no record of Honor Code violations or alleged Honor Code violations under investigation.

Guidelines for Externs to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

The work you do as a legal intern, extern, paralegal or law clerk may affect what matters you may handle as an attorney. Your exposure to client matters and confidential information could raise conflicts questions for you and others with whom you work after you are licensed. Please click here for important Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest.