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Cody Gee, JD ‘21
Legal and Internal Audit Department
Kobelco Construction Machinery, Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan


I spent the last week finalizing some assignments and my final presentation. I was very excited and nervous to present my topic on the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, a topic I had no previous knowledge on. But, the presentation ran smoothly, and I am glad I was able to give some knowledge back to my colleagues in return for the enormous amount of legal knowledge they gave me.

After my presentation, all of the members of my team treated me to a fantastic dinner as final farewell. This dinner made me realize I would not be having authentic Japanese food for a while so I ate as much as I could!

Japan festivalsOn my last night in Japan, some of my colleagues took me to a traditional summer dance festival. This was the perfect way to end my trip as I have always dreamed of attending a summer festival, and it was better than I expected. We all shared amazing summer festival dishes, and afterwards, we joined the circle of people dancing.

Oddly, these dancing festivals reminded me of line dancing back home except people dance in a circle. I had the best time showing off my moves, but many people around me were much better.

JapanAs this experience ends, Japan has showed me much more than I expected. I had the opportunity to live and work in another country that I grew to love. I have always wanted to go to Japan, but I never expected to make so many friends and meet so many great people.

The most unique aspect of Japan is its culture, and I am glad to have experienced a little part of it.

Cody Gee in Japan
Group jumping
Cody Gee in Japan
Cody Gee in Japan