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Project Director:
Gabriel Eckstein, Professor, Texas A&M University School of Law

Philip Bedford, Alexis Long, Thomas Long, Erin Milliken, Lauren Thomas, Alexis Yelvington — Texas A&M University School of Law Capstone ​Seminar students

coastal communities flooding report coverFlooding is a major source of concern for Texas’ coastal communities. It affects the quality of infrastructure, the lives of citizens, and the ecological systems upon which coastal communities in Texas rely. To plan for and mitigate the impacts of flooding, Texas’ coastal communities may implement land use tools such as zoning, drainage utility systems, eminent domain, exactions, and easements. Additionally, these communities can benefit from understand how flooding affects water quality and the tools available to restore water bodies to healthy water quality levels. Finally, implementing additional programs for education and ecotourism will help citizens develop knowledge of the impacts of flooding and ways to plan and mitigate for coastal flooding.

The report is the work product of students enrolled in the Natural Resources Systems Capstone Seminar at Texas A&M University School of Law under the supervision of Gabriel Eckstein, Professor of Law and Director of the Texas A&M University Law Energy, Environmental, and Natural Resource Systems Law Program.

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coastal comm flooding report studentsTexas A&M University School of Law Natural Resources Systems Capstone Seminar students and "Legal Mechanisms for Mitigating Flood Impacts in Texas Coastal Communities" report authors Philip Bedford JD '19, Alexis Long JD '20, Thomas Long LLM '​19, Erin Milliken JD '19, Lauren Thomas JD '19, and Alexis Yelvington JD '20.