• sld_george

    Meet Our Faculty

    Paul George, an expert in civil litigation and transportation policy, enjoys when his students teach him something.

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  • sld_herrera

    Meet Our Faculty

    Associate Dean for Experiential Education, Luz Herrera, trains her students to be fearless advocates for justice.

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  • sld_lunney

    Meet Our Faculty

    Professor Glynn Lunney explores the role of copyright in the music industry in a digital age.

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  • sld_pierce_tanya

    Meet Our Faculty

    Tanya Pierce, legal writing professor, teaches students the best most persuasive way to support their point argument.

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  • sld_mitchell-t

    Meet Our Faculty

    Interim Dean Thomas W. Mitchell, an expert on property law and community development, likes to plant the seed that law is always susceptible to change.

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  • Pham_sld_6

    Meet Our Faculty

    Huyen Pham, professor of immigration law, teaches that law isn't a set of restrictions; it's a foundation for freedom.

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  • sld_eckstein

    Meet Our Faculty

    Gabriel Eckstein, water and energy law professor, combines law with science to shape environmental policy.

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  • Neal Newman

    Meet Our Faculty

    Neal Newman, business law professor, is an avid runner who pushes students to go the extra mile.

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  • sld_yu_17

    Meet Our Faculty

    International intellectual property expert Peter Yu teaches winning strategies to help students succeed on a global scale.

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  • sld_dna

    Success: It's In Our Core

    We cultivate the knowledge, skills and Aggie core values you'll need for success.

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  • sld_paths

    Choose Your Path to Success

    Are you the next great trial lawyer or deal maker? Interested in a particular practice area? We'll guide you on your journey.

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  • sld_meet-classmates-2017

    Meet Your Classmates

    Today's students. Tomorrow's leaders.

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  • sld_fortworth

    Discover Fort Worth

    Unsurpassed quality of life, exceptional job opportunities and a welcoming legal community converge in Fort Worth.

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  • Our Innovative JD Program

    Explore Our Innovative J.D. Program

    Employers want multi-dimensional lawyers with diverse skills who thrive in a variety of roles. We've got you covered.

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  • sld_ku_global_programs

    Global Programs

    Take what you learn on campus from professors like Charlotte Ku to nations across the globe.

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By the Numbers

  • ​4​60,000+

    Aggies Worldwide

  • 28

    New faculty

    hired ​since 2015

  • ​​5.6 : 1

    Student/Faculty Ratio

    in 201​​7-201​8

  • 21

    Fortune 500 companies

    within 45 miles of Texas A&M Law

  • 20,000+

    Size of the Legal Network

    in Fort Worth / Dallas

  • 35

    Blocks of Entertainment & Shopping

    in downtown Fort Worth

  • 18

    Clinics & Programs

    providing real-world experience

  • ​​8,​​914

    Pro bono hours

    performed by the class of 201​​8

  • #1

    Area for Job Growth

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Jan. 2015)