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More than passing the bar: Texas A&M School of Law trains lawyers to handle tough conversations
Professor Nancy Welsh, director of the Aggie Dispute Resolution Program, moderated a panel on the Ethics of NDAs in Mediation and Arbitration.

Professor Garcia Sanchez, Foro TV-Televisa, La Hora de Opinar, interview by Julio Patan, “The New Energy Policies in Mexico and The United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement”, aired July 22, 2021:

Professor Garcia Sanchez, El Financiero-Bloomberg News Mexico, exclusive interview by Leonardo Kourchenko, Enrique Quintana and Victor Piz  in La Silla Roja, “The New Energy Policies in Mexico and their Impact on U.S. Mexico Relations” aired July 11, 2021:

Professor Garcia Sanchez, El Financiero-Bloomberg News Mexico, “The Biden Administration Infrastructure Bill and its Impact on U.S.-Mexico Energy Resiliency” aired July 1st, 2021:

Prof. Michael Z. Green, The Hill, Arbitrator Diversity Matters for Justice Perceptions and Realities, June 28, 2021   

Professor Garcia Sanchez, The Financial Times, Interviewed by Jude Webber on the Mexican Electricity Reform and the Protection of Foreign Investors, April 4, 2021. 

Professor Garcia Sanchez, El Financiero-Bloomberg News Mexico, “International Protections Afforded to U.S. Energy Investors,” aired March 15, 2021:

Professor Garcia Sanchez, Houston Chronicle, Interviewed by Jeremy Blackman on the Texas Blackout and its Impact on Mexico’s energy Production, February 24, 2021.

Professor Garcia Sanchez, El Financiero-Bloomberg News Mexico, “The USMCA and its Energy Provisions,” aired February 18, 2021:

Prof. Guillermo Garcia Sanchez, El Financiera TV/Bloomberg News – television interviews on power blackout in Texas, Governor Abbott’s order banning out-of-state gas exports, the impact of the blackout and ban on the Mexican grid, the state of U.S.-Mexico energy relations, and the remedies available under the USMCA to foreign investors affected by Mexico's policies- February 17 and February 18, 2021 

Professor Garcia Sanchez, El Financiero-Bloomberg News Mexico, “What Caused the Texas-Mexico Blakout,” aired February 16, 2021:

Prof. Michael Z. Green, Texas A&M Today, "Law School Professor Elected To National Academy Of Arbitrators," September 25, 2019

Prof. Michael Z. Green, Dallas Business Journal, Yahoo! Finance, "American wants mechanics to pay for flight cancellations. Will it work?" August 20, 2019

Prof. Guillermo J. Garcia Sanchez, KBTX-TV news, "Mexican energy policy reform is affecting the Texas oil and gas industry," August 14, 2019

Guillermo Garcia ADN40 interviewProf. Guillermo J. Garcia Sanchez, ADN40 (a national news channel in Mexico), three-part interview about the future of Mexico's energy reform and its impact in global markets, August 12-14, 2019 (in Spanish): part 1, part 2, part 3

Prof. Cynthia Alkon, Dallas Morning News, "With crimes as 'heinous' as those in Chemirmir serial murder case, Texas DAs look to death penalty," July 26, 2019

Prof. Michael Z. Green, Dallas Morning News, "Judge orders union to fine and discipline American Airlines mechanics who cause delays and cancellations," July 11, 2019

Prof. Michael Z. GreenDallas Morning News, "American Airlines says mechanics are causing delays. Now, a judge could force the union to pay for it," June 30, 2019

Prof. Nancy Welsh, Director of the Aggie Dispute Resolution Program, ADR Toolbox, TaxProf Blog, "Pepperdine Hosts International Conference For Dispute Resolution Teachers, Scholars, And Leaders," June 9, 2019

Prof. Peter Reilly, LexBlog, The CLS Blue Sky Blog, "The U.S. Corporate DPA Program: An International Embarrassment?" March 4, 2019

Texas A&M University School of Law, Law School Blog Network LexBlog What Great Law Schools Do, "Texas A&M Requires New Dispute Resolution Course for 1Ls," January 22, 2019

Prof. Michael Green, Observer, "Jay-Z Halting His $204M Lawsuit Over a Lack of Black Arbitrators Could Be Historic," November 29, 2018

Prof. Carol Pauli, CrimProf Blog, "Pauli on Gordon on Atrocity Speech," February 19, 2018

Prof. Michael Z. Green, discussed the Ezekiel Elliott arbitration and court case in an interview on East Texas Radio's "The Press Pass", KPLT 1490 AM, 96.3 FM, November 7, 2017

Prof. Michael Green, BloombergBNA, "Sterling Jewelers Case Highlights Perils of Arbitration," March 9, 2017

Prof. Cynthia Alkon, The Charlotte Observer, "Why 2015 was a record year for the wrongfully convicted," Aug. 18, 2016

Prof. Carol Pauli, Law & Humanities Blog, "Pauli on the Use of Narrative Mediation in Immigration Law," June 20, 2016

Prof. Cynthia Alkon, The New York Times, "Questions, Answers About Waco Biker Case Indictments," Nov. 11, 2015