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Cody Gee, JD ‘21
Legal and Internal Audit Department
Kobelco Construction Machinery, Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Ikura desu ka

Japanese busy streetFor the rest of week, I worked on my first assignment comparing the judicial systems between Japan and the United States. The Compliance Planning & Administration Group and Internal Audit Group presented the function and role of their departments within the company, and I found their work quite interesting.

Later in the week, Kodama-san, a member of the Compliance Planning & Administration Group, asked me to revise an End-User list, which essentially was a notification to all of its subsidiaries around the world. In addition, another member of the Compliance Planning & Administration Group, Takata-san, gave me an assignment to research the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law operating in the European Union. I was very interested to really get to learn about international types of law, and I knew I was going to get many opportunities and assignments that would be very helpful.

Japanese fish marketAfter an interesting first week at the office, I was very excited to go explore Tokyo, and all the wonderful things the city had to offer. Thankfully, one of my colleagues, Arakawa-san, volunteered to take me to many different places around the city. We started early in the morning and at Toyosu Fish Market, the new fish market where many restaurants and businesses could obtain their daily produce. It was astounding to see how organized and busy the market is, but we were not allowed to walk through the market for health reasons.

Japanese chefAfterward, Arakaw-san treated me to a very fresh and delicious sushi meal. Words cannot describe how tender and flavorful each piece of sushi was. Every time you take a bite, the fish melts in your mouth. Sushi is definitely something I will miss when I head back home.

Japanese templeFollowing our meal, we went to Senso-ji Temple, a beautiful and decorated building in which people go and pray. However, surrounding the temple, the streets are lined with many small shops and food stalls, and I could not help but buy as many souvenirs as I could.

In addition, we then went to Harajuku, a very busy shopping area for a certain type of fashion. I found myself buying so many interesting clothes that I could never find in the U.S. I started realize there is nothing you can’t find in Tokyo.

Cody Gee in Japan
Cody Gee in Japan
Japanese building
Cody Gee in Japan
Japanese Temple