Faculty Activities

November 2016


Professor Sahar Aziz:

  • Invited to give a presentation about the disparate impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on women at the Women, Peace, and Security Conference hosted by the Texas A&M University Bush School of Government (Nov. 18, 2016).

  • Published "Trump has created a toxic environment for Muslims – Americans who oppose bigotry must act” in the International Business Times (Nov. 9, 2016).

  • Interviewed by the BBC World News about the impact of Trump’s victory on civil rights (Nov. 11, 2016).

Professor William Byrnes:  

  • Invited to the following academia symposia:
    • FATCA and CRS Lecture at the University of Amsterdam on Feb. 13, 2017.
    • Transfer Pricing: The Challenge of Searching for Comparables at the University of Amsterdam on Feb. 17, 2017.

Professor Irene Calboli:

  • Served as an expert for the World Intellectual Property Organization. She delivered a series of lectures on “Sources and Main Principles of International Intellectual Property Law” to the Faculty of Law at the University of Padjadjaran in Bandung, Indonesia (Nov. 21-25, 2016).

  • Introduced and discussed the topic of "Broaden Functionality Doctrine: From Shapes to Product Characteristics in General" at the Annual Trademark Law Institute Selected Problems of the EU Trademark Law Reform Conference at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in The Netherlands (Nov. 4-5, 2016).

  • Delivered the keynote lecture "When Works Become Brands, and the Problems with It" at the ASK Seminar at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, (Nov. 3, 2016).

Professor Megan Carpenter :

  • Led academic programming at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Programming activities included a panel of adjunct professors who discussed legal education around the world (Nov. 15-18, 2016).

  • Selected by the incoming INTA President, Joe Ferretti, Vice-President and Chief Counsel, Global Trademarks for PepsiCo., Inc., to be on a Presidential Task Force focused on plain packaging and the future of branding throughout the 2017 term.

Professor Gabriel Eckstein:

  • Interviewed by Western Water magazine for the Fall issue article “Two Countries, One River: Crafting a New Agreement," on managing and allocating Colorado River water resources between Mexico and the United States.

Professor Michael Z. Green:

  • Presented “Negotiating While Black in the Workplace with Mediator Competency” which draws from his prior paper, “Negotiating While Black,” as part of a panel on “Failures in Existing Conceptions of the Field” at the 6th International Biennial Conference on Negotiation program at the Novancia Business School in Paris, France (Nov. 16, 2016).

  • Participated in a one-day symposium by the IESEG School of Management that assembled an international group of more than 30 prominent scholars and practitioners in the negotiation and conflict management field to focus on the difficulties this field encounters in influencing the most intractable conflicts of our times (following the Novancia 6th International Biennial Conference on Negotiation in Paris) and held at the IESEG premises in the la Défense business district in Paris, France (Nov. 19, 2016).

Professor Peter Yu:

  • Delivered an opening keynote address on "The RCEP and Trans-Pacific Copyright Norms" at the 2016 Meeting of the Asian Pacific Copyright Association at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong (Nov. 21-22, 2016).

  • Presented "The Pathways of Multinational Intellectual Property Dispute Settlement" at the 16th Intellectual Property Seminar of the Institute of European Studies of Macau (Nov. 28-29, 2016).

  • Chaired the panel, "Essential Patents and Standards," at the 7th Asia-Pacific Innovation Network Conference at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan (Nov. 18-20, 2016).

  • Participated in the annual board meeting of the Asia-Pacific Innovation Network, of which the Center for Law and Intellectual Property at Texas A&M Law is a part and for which he served as a member of the founding management committee (Nov. 18, 2016).

  • Spoke on "The Complexities of Counterfeits" at the 5th Annual U.S.-China Intellectual Property Summit in Shenzhen, China, organized by the Intellectual Property Academy of Renmin University of China in Beijing, U.C. Berkeley School of Law and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles (Nov. 14-15, 2016).