Faculty Highlights

Fall 2017

Professor Susan Ayres:

  • Presented translations of work by the prize-winning Mexican writer, Elsa Cross, at the 40th Anniversary Conference of the American Literary Translators Association, Minneapolis, Minn. (Oct. 5-8, 2017).

Professor Mark Edwin Burge, Director of San Antonio Programs:

  • Presented “Masters of Jurisprudence? Law Schools Seek a New Audience” at the Central States Law Schools Association Annual Scholarship Conference at Southern Illinois University School of Law (Oct. 7, 2017).

  • Presented “Navigating the (Not Quite) Free Market for Contractual Choice of Law” at the Texas Aggie Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Event at Texas A&M University School of Law – San Antonio Center (Oct. 30, 2017).

  • Elected President of the Central States Law Schools Association (CSLSA) for the 2017-2018 term, which will culminate in Texas A&M University School of Law hosting the CSLSA Annual Scholarship Conference in 2018-19 (October 2017).

Professor William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Special Projects:

  • Published eight treatises updating published texts (Mathew Bender) and one quarterly text update (Kluwer Law International) (Fall 2017).

  • Delivered the plenary address, “The Need and Solution for Assessing Government Tax Information Privacy and Security,” at the Cambridge Economic Crimes Symposium, Jesus College (Sept. 8, 2017). Learn more.

  • Presented “Do We Speak the Same Language?  IP and Transfer Pricing Academics” at the IP Aggie Forum, Texas A&M University School of Law (Sept. 25, 2017).

  • Presented “A Cross Disciplinary Approach to Understanding Wealth and Texas A&M University Law’s Role” at the Financial Planning Career Conference, Texas A&M University School of Agriculture (Oct. 27, 2017).

  • Presented “Be a Cat, Not a Vase: Understanding Risk in Relation to Regulation and Markets” at the Texas Aggie Bar Association Austin CLE (Oct. 30, 2017).

  • Presented “Innovation and Online Education: Evolution or Revolution” at The Future of Legal Education, Thomson Legal Institute, Georgetown Conference Center (Nov. 2, 2017).

  • FATCA publications cited in “Rep. Mark Posey to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin" letter (Sept. 29, 2017).

  • FATCA publications cited in “Campaign to Repeal FATCA” letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin (Nov. 14, 2017).

Professor Irene Calboli:

  • Launched her book Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture: Focus on Asia-Pacific (with Wee Loon Ng-Loy, National University of Singapore) (Cambridge University Press, 2017) at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (Sept. 18, 2017).

  • Published her review "Can Certification Marks Promote Health Related Goals" in JOTWELL, reviewing Margaret Chon and Maria Therese Fujiye, "Leveraging Certification Marks for Public Health" in The New Intellectual Property of Health 257 (Alberto Alemanno and Enrico Bonadio eds., 2016) (Nov. 3, 2017).

  • Co-edited the WIPO-WTO Colloquium Papers: 2017 Asian Edition (Antony Taubman, Jayashree Watal, Tumelo Matlwa, Martha Chikowore, Irene Calboli and Arpan Banerjee, eds.) (2017).

  • Presented her work-in-progress “A Different Geographical Approach to IP Exhaustion Rules?” at the Association for European Policy of Intellectual Property 12th Annual Conference—Claims on Area: the Geography-IP Interface, University of Bordeaux, France (Sept. 4-6, 2017).

  • Presented her work-in-progress on “PPPs and the Governance of Geographical Indications” at the 6th Works-In-Progress in Trademark Law Conference, American University College of Law, Washington, DC (Sept. 15, 2017).

  • Delivered the opening lecture on “The International Intellectual Property Framework” as part of the Promotion of Effective Intellectual Property Protection to Support Business Growth course organized by the Intellectual Property Academy, Singapore, for representatives of SMEs from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Sept. 18, 2017).

  • Delivered a public lecture on “Trademark Protection in the International Framework” at the Faculty of Law, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (Oct. 9, 2017).

  • Spoke on “Trademarks and the Internet” as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, Bocconi University for the LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology (Oct. 9-11, 2017).

  • Presented her work-in-progress “Can Trademark Anti-Dilution Protection Serve the Public Interest?” at the 36th Annual ATRIP Congress: The Scope and Purpose of Intellectual Property, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Oct. 23-26, 2017).

  • Delivered a series of lectures on “International Intellectual Property Law and WIPO Agreements” at the Faculty of Law, University Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia (Oct​. 31-Nov. 3, 2017).

  • Delivered a public lecture on “New Developments in International Intellectual Property” at the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia (Nov. 1, 2017).

  • Delivered a series of lectures on “Current Topics in Intellectual Property Law” as an IP expert for the WIPO Academy at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (Nov. 6-9, 2017).

  • Delivered a presentation on “International Framework on Enforcement of Intellectual Property” at the Identification of Products and the Problem of Counterfeiting Seminar, organized by the Intellectual Property Academy of Indonesia at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (Nov. 7, 2017).

  • Delivered three lectures on IP ​exhaustion, ​non-​traditional ​trademarks, and international IP at the Hanken School of Economics, Graduate Program in Intellectual Property, Helsinki, Finland (Nov. 20-23, 2017).

  • Delivered lectures on trademarks and geographical indications at the Master in Intellectual Property (specialization in Design) organized by WIPO and Tongji University in Shanghai, China PRC (Nov​. 26-Dec. 2, 2017).

  • Chaired and organized the closing plenary panel on “Geographical Indications of Origin” at the 12th Annual Conference of the Association for European Policy of Intellectual PropertyClaims on Area: The Geography-IP Interface at the University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France (Sept. 4-6, 2017).

  • Chaired and co-organized with the International Trademark Association (INTA) a workshop on “Brands and Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Economy” at the School of Law, Singapore Management University and International Trademark Association, Singapore (Sept. 27, 2017).

Professor Gabriel Eckstein, Director of the Natural Resources Systems Program:

  • Published the book, International Law of Transboundary Groundwater Resources (Routledge) (September 2017).

  • Presented the CLE “Basics of Texas Water Law” at an event organized by the Texas Aggie Bar Association at Haynes and Boone, LLP in Dallas, Texas (Oct. 31, 2017).

  • Acted as principal investigator for the WATERLEX Country and International Waters Profiles project, for which Texas A&M received a $38,000 research grant from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (September 2017).

  • Served as an expert international water law contributor for the Workshop on Science & Policy in Transboundary Rivers organized by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center in Annapolis, Md. (Nov. 8-10, 2017).

  • Quoted in The Brown Daily Herald, “Scientists, Scholars Sign Declaration for Universal Clean Water Access” (Sept. 12, 2017).

  • Quoted in TX H2O (a publication of the Texas Water Resources Institute), “Understanding Water Security: Finding Solutions for Accessible, Adequate and Acceptable Water for the Future” (Fall 2017).

  • Highlighted in TX H2O, “Securing Water Globally: Aggie Experts Team Up to Research Water Security” (Fall 2017).

Professor Susan Fortney, Director of the Program for the Advancement of Legal Ethics:

  • Spoke at the International Legal Ethics Conference in Singapore and moderated a panel on “Effective New Regulatory Responses to Complaints.” The panel included the Legal Profession Ombudsman from the UK and chief regulators from the state of Victoria, Australia, and Ireland, as well of the president of the Singapore Bar Association (Oct. 6, 2017).

  • Presented at a Law Faculty Workshop at the Singapore Management University. She discussed her new empirical project, Ethical Conduct and Organizational Structures, Systems, and Culture in Large Law Firms” (Oct. 4, 2017).

  • Presented a CLE for externship supervisors, “Lawyers Making Mistakes: Understanding Your Legal Malpractice Insurance and Duties to Clients” (Oct. 18, 2017).

  • Spoke at the Texas A&M School of Law Business Speaker Series at Texas A&M University School of Law – San Antonio Center on “The Ethics and Business of Billable Hour Practice by Attorneys” (Nov. 7, 2017).

Professor Guillermo Jose Garcia Sanchez:

  • Published his article, "To Speak with One Voice: The Political Effects of Centralizing the International Legal Defense of the State," 34 Ariz. J. Int’l. Comp. Law 3 (2017).

  • Presented at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law on the renegotiation of NAFTA and the resolution of disputes between indigenous communities and foreign investors. The presentation was part of the symposium titled The United States Mexico Relationship in International Law and Politics, organized by the Maryland Journal of International Law (Oct. 20, 2017).

  • Lectured at CIDE University in Mexico City on the state of the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Hydrocarbons Agreement in the Gulf of Mexico (Dec. 6, 2017).

Professor Paul George:

  • Published his article, "Conflict of Laws" (with Randy Gordon) 3 SMU Ann. Tex. Surv. 129 (October 2017).

  • Served as Reporter at the first meeting of the Uniform Law Commission’s project, Joint Drafting Committee on Registration of Foreign Judgments to Harmonize the Law of Canada and the United States. (Oct. 27-29, 2017).

  • Cited twice in Lonzo v. Lonzo (No. 2017–CA–0549, 2017 WL 5477053) (La. Ct. App. at *6), quoting from “Choice of Law: A Guide for Texas Attorneys” (25 Tex. Tech. L. Rev. 833, 836-37) (1994) (Nov. 15, 2017).

Professor Michael Z. Green, Director of the Workplace Law Program:

Executive Professor William H. Henning:

  • Posted "A Proposal for a National Tribally Owned Lien Filing System to Support Access to Capital in Indian Country" (with Susan M. Woodrow and Marek Dubovec) (forthcoming in the Wyoming Law Review) (Oct. 27, 2017).

  • Presented “The New Uniform Wage Garnishment Act” at the annual meeting of the National Association of Retail Credit Attorneys in Washington, DC (Oct. 13, 2017).

  • Presented “The Advantages of the Revised Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act” at Cherokee Nation Law Day in Broken Arrow, Okla. (Nov. 30, 2017).

  • Appointed to serve as Chair of a Uniform Law Commission (ULC) Task Force charged with revising ULC policies establishing the ethical standards required of commissioners (Sept. 6, 2017).

  • Attended a meeting of the ULC/ALI Drafting Committee to Amend UCC Articles 1, 3, and 9 in Philadelphia, Pa. (Oct.14, 2017).

  • Organized the Annual Consumer Financial Services Conference held at Texas A&M University School of Law (Nov. 2-3, 2017).

Professor Luz Herrera, Associate Dean for Experiential Education:

  • Presented “Preparing Students to Meet Clients Where They Are through Clinics and Pro Bono” at the 6th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System in Denver, Colo. (Oct. 5-7, 2017).

  • Presented “The Law School Opportunity to Prepare the NextGen for Unbundling” at the Better Access through Unbundling Conference sponsored by the American Bar Association and the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System in Denver, Colo. (Oct. 26-27, 2017).

  • Presented preliminary results of a law firm incubator data analytic study – Project SUNI – at the Legal Technology Laboratory Conference at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Mo. (Nov. 16-17, 2017).

  • Received funding from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation for Project SUNI (with collaborators Tony Lai (Stanford) and Len Zandrow (UMass)). (Fall 2017).

Professor Charlotte Ku, Associate Dean for Global Programs and Co-Convener of the Global and Comparative Law Program:

  • Presented "Connecting the Global to the Local: Opportunities for Legal Research and Enhancing Global Governance" to the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, Coventry, England (October 2017).

  • Delivered the 2017 Coverdell Lecture "Globalism in an Era of National Populism" at Georgia College, Milledgeville, Ga. (Sept. 18, 2017).

Professor James McGrath, Associate Dean of Academic Support and Bar Services:

  • Published "Transparency in the Classroom: An ASP - ish Doctrinal Professor’s Perspective," in the online journal The Learning Curve, a publication of the AALS Section on Academic Support. (Summer/Autumn 2017).

  • Presented “Today's Law School Curriculum in an Increasingly Diverse Society” at the Maryland Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class Symposium, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (Oct. 12, 2017).

  • Presented “Building & Sustaining Access Programs,” AASE Diversity Conference, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (Oct. 13, 2017).

  • Presented “Issues in LGBT Healthcare: Religious Exemptions” at the Texas Bar CLE, LGBT Legal Issues in Changing Times: What Every Texas Practitioner Needs to Know (Dec. 13, 2017).

Associate Professor Felix Mormann:

  • Posted his article, "Free Trade in Electric Power," (with Joel Eisen) (forthcoming in the Utah Law Review) (Fall 2017).

  • Presented "Clean Energy Equity" as part of the Stegner Young Scholar Lecture at the University of Utah (Nov. 1, 2017).

  • Presented "False Positives in a Negative Policy Environment? State Latitude to Adopt Clean Energy Policies" at a symposium on Energy Policy and Markets in a Shifting Federal-State Landscape hosted by Florida State University College of Law (Nov. 8, 2017).

  • Presented "Clean Energy Equity" at the Research Roundtable on Energy Regulation, Technology, and Transaction Costs hosted by Northwestern University's Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth (Nov. 16-17, 2017).

  • Joined a small group of academics, policymakers, and regulators to discuss federal and state energy policy at the Electricity Markets and Public Policy Workshop at Harvard Law School (Oct. 13, 2017).

  • Received the University of Utah Stegner Center's Young Scholar Award. Recipients are selected based on their accomplishments, the quality of their academic work, and their promise in the field of environmental and natural resources law and policy (Nov​. 1, 2017). Learn more.

Professor Timothy Mulvaney, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development:

  • Posted his article, "Move Along to Where? Property in Service of Democracy" (with Professor Joseph Singer (Harvard Law)), in Festschrift In Honor of AJ Van Der Walt (G. Muller, B. Slade, R. Brits & J. van Wyk, eds.) (Cape Town: Juta) (forthcoming 2018) (Sept​. 8, 2017).

  • Presented “The Legacy of Lucas” at the Conference on Takings and Coastal Management: A Quarter-Century after Lucas at the University of South Carolina Law School, Columbia, S.C. (Nov. 2-4, 2017).

Associate Professor Carol Pauli:

  • Presented  “Changing Attitudes and Behaviors through the Media” with her co-panelist John Marks, founder of the nonprofit organization Search for Common Ground, at the annual Jed D. Melnick Symposium, Persistent Human Divides: Creative Initiatives for Communication, Collaboration, and Cohesion, organized by the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution, New York City (Nov. 13, 2017).

Senior Lecturer Bob Probasco, Director of the Low Income Tax Clinic:

  • Received an $87,000 grant from the Internal Revenue Service for clinic operations during the 2018 calendar year. The clinic serves low-income and ESL taxpayers in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, El Paso, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley (Nov. 15, 2017).

Professor Srividhya Ragavan:

Associate Professor Peter Reilly:

  • Presented a draft of his latest article, “Corporate Deferred Prosecution as Discretionary Injustice,” at the 11th Annual Dispute Resolution Works in Progress Conference, Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law (Oct. 20-21, 2017).

  • Organized, along with Professor Mike Koehler (Southern Illinois School of Law), the conference The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at Forty: A Look Back and a Look Forward at Texas A&M University School of Law (Oct. 12, 2017).

  • Interviewed by the Corporate Crime Reporter about his latest article, “Corporate Deferred Prosecution as Discretionary Injustice” (Sept. 11, 2017).

Professor Neil L. Sobol, Director of the Legal Analysis, Research and Writing Program:

Professor Elizabeth Trujillo, Co-Convener of the Global and Comparative Law Program:

  • Elected as a new member to the American Law Institute (ALI) (Dec. 14, 2017). Learn more.

  • Presented “Trade and the Institutionalization of Regulatory Cooperation: Multilateralism v. Regionalism” as an invited panelist at Trade Law in The Trump Era: A Transatlantic Perspective Conference at Boston University School of Law (Sept. 8, 2017).

  • Presented a new project “Balancing Sustainability, the Right to Regulate, and the Need for Investor Protection: Lessons from the Trade Regime Development” as an invited panelist for the International Investment Law Reform Conference at Boston College Law School (Oct. 25, 2017).

Associate Professor Saurabh Vishnubhakat:

  • Presented “The Porous Court-Agency Border in Patent Law” at the annual Akron Law Intellectual Property Scholars Forum, hosted by the Akron Law Review (Sept. 15, 2017).

  • Presented “Patent Exposure in Business” in Texas A&M School of Law’s San Antonio Business Speaker Series at Texas A&M Law - San Antonio Center (Sept. 19, 2017).

  • Moderated the “What Drives Innovation” panel at the SMU Dedman School of Law’s 14th Annual Symposium on IP Issues: The Value of Intellectual Property (Sept. 29, 2017).

  • Presented “Independent Screening in the PTAB” at the University of New Hampshire’s 7th Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable (Oct. 6–7, 2017).

  • Moderated the “Patent Law II” panel and the “International Intellectual Property Law” panel at Texas A&M University School of Law’s Third Annual Texas A&M Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable (Oct. 13–14, 2017).

  • Presented “Commingled Powers in the Patent Office” at Texas A&M University School of Law’s Third Annual Texas A&M Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable (Oct. 13–14, 2017).

  • Spoke on administrative process issues in the patent system at the John Marshall Law School’s 61st Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference (Nov. 3, 2017).

  • Presented “Rethinking Patent Law’s Validity Power” as a featured speaker at the Perspectives on the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Conference, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School (Nov. 9, 2017).

  • Presented the Section 101 “Update on the Law of Patent-Eligible Subject Matter” as a plenary session speaker at the Center for American and International Law’s 55th Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law (Nov. 13–14, 2017).

  • Co-organized the Intellectual Property Workshop for North Texas Inventors and Entrepreneurs with Professor Peter Yu, hosted at the Texas A&M University School of Law in collaboration with the State Bar of Texas IP Section and the Texas Regional Office of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (Sept. 30, 2017).

  • Co-organized the Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession, hosted by the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law (Oct. 20, 2017)

  • Participated in a long-form interview for the Skilled in the Art podcast of the Intellectual Property Aggies, explaining and discussing the controversial practice of strategically transferring patent assets to Native American tribes who enjoy sovereign immunity from litigation (Oct. 16, 2017). Listen to the podcast.

Professor Nancy A. Welsh, Director of the Aggie Dispute Resolution Program:

  • Presented on “Ethical Issues in Bargaining” at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s Negotiation Institute held in Washington, DC (Oct​. 7, 2017).

  • Spoke on “A Need to Update the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators” at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium held at Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, N.C. (Oct​. 27, 2017).

  • Presented “Procedural Fairness and Self-Determination in Mediation: Promises Kept?” at the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association 13th Annual Symposium held at Texas A&M University School of Law (Oct​. 28, 2017).

Professor Peter Yu, Director of the Center for Law and Intellectual Property: