Texas A&M School of Law Staff Directory

​Main number


Office of the Dean

Robert B. Ahdieh, Dean,  817-212-3​8​38
           Jennifer Merrywell, Assistant to the Dean,  817-212-3854 or 817-212-4139

Gary Lucas, Senior Associate Dean,  817-212-3922
             Chris Rodriguez, Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean,  817-212-4015

Terri Helge, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 817-212-3942
            Amy Guthrie, Assistant to the Assoc​. Dean for Academic Affairs,  817-212-3819

Viviene Crooks, Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations, 817-212-4082

Charlotte Ku, Associate Dean for ​Global Programs and Graduate ​Studies,  817-212-4039 

Academic Affairs

Terri Helge, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 817-212-3942
Amy Guthrie
, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,  817-212-3819

Academic Support

James McGrath, ​Associate Dean of Academic Support, Bar Passage, and Compliance,  817-212-3954
Yolonda Sewell, Assistant Director of Academic Support & Bar Services,  817-212-4193


Gary Lucas, ​Senior Associate Dean,  817-212-3922
Viviene Crooks, Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations,  817-212-4082
Chris Rodriguez, Manager, Finance and Administration,  817-212-4015


Terence L. Cook, Assistant Dean, Admissions & Scholarships,  817-212-4045
​Jeff Green, Graduate Programs Coordinator,  817-212-3866
Natalia Cashen, Admissions Operation ​& Program Coordinator,  817-212-3889
Caroline Kirschner, Admissions Data Coordinator, 817-212-​4143​
Michelle LeFlore, Admissions Data Coordinator, 817-212-​4144


Jennifer Ellis, Director of Advocacy Programs,  817-212-3937


Patricia McGarity, Bookstore Manager,  817-212-4070
Terry Austin, Lead Bookstore Assistant,  817-212-4070

Business Services/Financial Management & Operations

Viviene Crooks, Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations, 817-212-4082
Sherry Bittle
, Business Coordinator II,  817-212-4081
Lee Ford, Business Coordinator & HR Liaison,  817-212-4080

Career Services

Artie Errisuriz, Assistant Dean, Career Services & Bar Relations,  817-212-4041
Robert B. Weathersby, Associate Director, Office of Career Services, 817-212-4013
Valery Treida, Associate Director, Office of Career Services, 817-212-4064
Brenda Prachyl, Lead Office Assistant,  817-212-4050


Myke Holt, Senior Development Director,  817-212-4061

Externship Program

Cecily Becker, Director, Externship Program,  817-212-4058


Matt Pellegrino, Master Maintenance Mechanic,  817-212-4125

Faculty Support

Debbie Bauer, Faculty Administrator,  817-212-​38​12
Pamela Watson, Faculty Administrator,  817-212-4197

Financial Aid

Doug Akins, Scholarships & Financial Aid Administrator,  817-212-4090

Global Programs

Charlotte Ku, Associate Dean for ​Global Programs and Graduate ​Studies,  817-212-4039


Chad Ballenger, I.T. Manager,  817-212-3845
William Cole, Senior I.T. Tech/Media Associate/Server Administrator,  817-212-3845
Oscar Rodriguez,​ Media Associate,  817-212-3845
Kirsten Evans, Web​ Systems Manager,  817-212-4106
Ryan Williams, I.T. Help Desk Technician, 817-212-3845

Legal Clinics/Experiential Education Staff

MAIN CLINIC NUMBER:  817-212-4123
Bob Probasco
, Low Income Tax Clinic Director,  817-212-4123
Carlos Rocha
, Program Coordinator,  817-212-4123
Lori Rogde, Associate Director, Clinics and Special Programs,  817-212-41​23
Lynn Rodriguez, Veterans Clinic Attorney,  817-212-​4123
Stephanie Roman, Legal Clinics Secretary,  817-212-4123
Karon Rowden, Family Law & Benefits Clinic Attorney,  817-212-41​23
Lisa Smith, Paralegal & Lead Office Associate,  817-212-41​23

Library Staff

Janis Betts, Library Specialist II,  817-212-3826
Sharon Jefferson, Library Specialist II,  817-212-3815
Cara Sitton, Library Specialist I,  817-212-3817
Lillian Velez, Library Specialist III,  817-212-3822

Marketing & Communications

Erayne Gee Hill, Director of Marketing,  817-212-3933
Stephanie Thompson
, Assistant Director for External Relations, 817-212-​​4053
Tyra Kelly
, Communications Specialist,  817-212-3860
Tyler Gately
, Special Events Coordinator, 817-212-​​​3863

Registrar's Office/Student Services

Tammy Hubbard, Administrative Assistant,  817-212-4043
Julie Edwards, Lead Document Imaging Specialist,  817-212-4049
Gloria Hallan, Senior Office Associate,  817-212-4134

Student Affairs

Rosalind Jeffers, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs,  817-212-4020
Shawna Smith, Pro Bono Program Coordinator,  817-212-3816
Lakota Coan, Coordinator,  817-212-​4111
Chase Sanger, Wellness Coordinator,  817-212-​​3802