Srividhya Ragavan

Professor of Law and Director of India Programs


Sri Ragavan

“Justice should not only be done but it should seem to be done.”

Get to Know Srividhya Ragavan

What drew you to the law?

My family has been long engaged in socially conscious activities right from the freedom movement in India, to politics and abolition of the caste system. I view law and the legal system as a key element to appreciate the various themes that structure any society. When I was in college, the Dunkel draft and issues therefrom dominated the discussions in India. It attracted me to trade, intellectual property and related issues of which I continue to be a student.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The ability to engage and be engaged in turn is the most exciting element of teaching. The process of transforming a normal mind into a legal mind is challenging and satisfying at the same time. While the general pedagogical objective is to train students to think like a lawyer, I strive to help each student attain their maximum potential in order to serve their clients well.

What do you hope students gain from your courses?

I hope that my students will go beyond the boundaries of my knowledge.

What did you do prior to entering academia?

I worked with a large law firm in India, in-housed at two of the largest Indian multinationals (Wipro & the TATA Group) and also worked as a legal counsel/consultant for a sports agent of a top cricketer in India.

What are you passionate about outside of the law?

My family and Zumba. My children remain my source of enlightenment. I learn from them every day.

What are your research interests?

My research focuses on the interplay between international trade law and intellectual property issues with a developmental perspective. I focus on issues that affect developing nations from embracing the trade regime.


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  • Intellectual Property
  • International Intellectual Property Law
  • Agriculture & Development
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Copyrights
  • Health Care & Global Governance
  • International Law
  • International Trade
  • Law of India
  • Patents
  • Science and Law
  • Trade & Development
  • Trademarks


  • Intellectual Property (Survey)
  • Trademarks Law
  • Patent Law
  • International Trade and Intellectual Property (Seminar)
  • Contracts Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Torts

Academic Experience

  • Director of India Programs
    Texas A​&M University School of Law (Sept. 2019 - present)
  • Professor of Law
    Texas A​&M University School of Law (2016 - present)
  • Professor of Law
    University of Oklahoma College of Law (2009 - 2016)
  • Associate Professor of Law
    University of Oklahoma College of Law (2003 - 2009)
  • Visiting Professor
    National Academy for Legal Studies & Research, Hyderabad, India
  • Fulbright CORE Teaching Grant, 2011, National Law School of India University
  • Fulbright Specialist Grant, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, 2014


  • S.J.D., George Washington University School of Law
  • LL.M., King’s College, University of London
  • B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India

Other Professional Activities

  • Testified before the International Trade Commission on a hearing involving the question of Trade, Investment and Industrial Policies in India: Effects of the US Economy, United States International Trade Commission (2014),Jan. 2014.
  • Testified before the Office of United States Trade Representative, on a Special 301 Hearing on India’s Intellectual Property Law, Jan. 2014.
  • Consultant, IPR Resource Center, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, 2014.
  • Citation of my monograph by the Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, India, 2012 in a leading Indian decision (Bayer v. Natco, M.P.Nos.74 to 76 of 2012 & 108 of 2012 at p. 23).
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