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Caitlyn Ashley, John Cox, Arild Doerge, Mengyuan Fang, Jordan Jensen, Enrica Martey, Sara Murdock, Kaitlyn Pound, Elizabeth Spencer-Berthiaume and Steven Traeger
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Guernsey ferry SaarkView of the island of Sark from the ferry
During our last week in Jersey, we took a short ferry ride over to the neighboring island of Guernsey. The ferry ride from Jersey to Guernsey takes about an hour, and there are great views along the way of Jersey’s coastline and some of the smaller Channel Islands.

Guernsey walkWe did a lot of walking our first day in Guernsey
We arrived in St. Peter Port to find another beautiful port city full of interesting architecture and scenery. The history and culture of Guernsey is very like that of Jersey. The islands are of similar size and population and have followed each other very closely throughout the course of their histories. They both have nearly identical legal systems and governments, but each are separate countries and Crown Dependencies of the United Kingdom.

The only time Jersey and Guernsey significantly differed in their historical paths was during the English Civil War when Jersey sided with the Royalists, serving as a sanctuary for the exiled King Charles II while Guernsey sided with the Parliamentarians and Oliver Cromwell. Otherwise, there is not much more than friendly rivalry between the two islands today.

During our visit, we were rushing between several discussion conferences with Guernsey’s many law firms and accounting firms to discuss Guernsey’s financial services industry. Through that process, we could develop a comparison with Guernsey to Jersey’s financial services industry.

Guernsey Hauteville HouseThough it was closed, we did get a view of the front of Hauteville House, Victor Hugo's former home in Guernsey, overlooking St. Peter Port
Eventually, we found some time to explore the city, which was beautiful. We even saw the home of author Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885), who lived in Guernsey from 1855 until 1870, following his exile from France. Hugo began, completed or published ​many of ​his best-known works, ​such as Les Miserables and Toilers of the Sea, during this time.

After a very busy, but rewarding visit in Guernsey, we took the short ferry ride back to Jersey the following day.
Guernsey ferry​View from the ferry to Guernsey
Guernsey St Peter Port​Low tide at St. Peter Port in Guernsey
Guernsey Elizabeth College​Guernsey's interesting architecture includes Elizabeth College, founded in 1563
modern Guernsey​More from our journey around the city of St. Peter Port
GuernseyThe beautiful scenery of Guernsey