Ragavan Submits Comments on Patent Working Requirement to Indian Ministry of Commerce

May 1, 2018

Sri RagavanIn March 2018, Texas A&M Law Professor Srividhya Ragavan submitted comments on the working requirement under patent law to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of the Indian Ministry of Commerce. Her comments, which called for streamlining the information sought from pharmaceutical importers on Form 27 under the Indian Patents Act, have generated reform discussions in India.

She has served as an advisory board member of the IP Programs of Gujrat National Law University and Nirma University School of Law. She was also an external Ph.D. thesis examiner for the Rajiv Gandhi Law School.

In April 2018, she joined Texas A&M Law Professors Irene Calboli and Peter Yu at the annual symposium of the University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review. Her presentation at the symposium was titled "Steel, Aluminum and IP: What Does It Say of the WTO?".