Texas A&M School of Law Students Hired by Leading Research Center

August 31, 2018

Cash Barker Alexandra LizanoTexas A&M School of Law's 3L Cash Barker and 2L Alexandra Lizano

This month, two Texas A&M University School of Law students begin working with the National Agricultural Law Center (NALC), the only agricultural law research and information facility that is “independent, national in scope and directly connected to the national agricultural information network.”

The NALC seeks applicants who completed their first year of law school, exhibit experience in legal research and writing and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Third-year student Cash Barker and second-year student Alexandra Lizano are ecstatic about their new paid research positions with the NALC. The center requires both students to commit at least a semester of research, focusing on conducting legal research and writing projects that assist the NALC and its partners in the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium.  

Barker, who holds a bachelor of science degree in agricultural and applied economics, says he is grateful for this opportunity. “I look forward to tackling issues I’m not familiar with and learning more about them.”

Lizano, a native of northern California near Napa Valley, holds a bachelor of science degree in environmental policy analysis and planning from the University of California-Davis. She says she is also excited to learn more about food law.

“I took a huge interest in wine law after my first semester of law school and I am so happy that NALC can help me explore my passion,” says Lizano. I just think everything about it is so interesting. I didn’t even realize that you could specialize in things like wine or food law in practice,” says Lizano.

Both Lizano and Barker shared their interest in agriculture law with their legal writing professor, Lisa Rich. Rich says she is elated that Barker and Lizano are the first to represent the law school at NALC. She is confident that they will represent the school well and usher in the opportunity for more Texas A&M School of Law students.

- Article by Tyra Kelly, Texas A&M University School of Law