Student Named Dallas County Big Brother of the Year

March 3, 2014

Matthew Masek

Texas A&M School of Law 1L Matthew Masek was named Big Brother of the Year for Dallas County.

Almost five years ago Matthew was matched with his “little” Jordan, now a 15-year-old student at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill. Matthew has continued to be a constant in Jordan’s life despite two deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as an Air Force flight medic. The two continue to have weekly lunches and Matthew makes time to be a guiding factor in Jordan’s life. In addition to having fun together, Matthew challenged Jordan to work on his average grades and Jordon is now on the honor roll.

When asked why he first got involved with the organization, Matthew said that he was very fortunate growing up and had great parents to look up to. Matthew wanted to give something back and give those that were less fortunate a friend to talk to. He also said there is a great need for “Bigs” in Dallas county especially Big Brothers. He encourages everyone to learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters and get involved if they can.   

Matthew and Jordan by Rose BacaPhoto by ROSE BACA, Dallas Morning News.
Big Brother 1L Matthew Masek (left) and his Little Brother Jordan Corn high-five at Ellen’s Amusement Center in Cedar Hill.