Recent grad wins ‘Most Outstanding Article’ published in the Cornell Real Estate Review

June 3, 2015

Jacob SheltonJacob Shelton '15

Jacob Shelton ’15 won the Capstone Advisors Most Outstanding Article Award for his article, “Constitutional Constraints on Using Eminent Domain to Write-Down Underwater Mortgages,” which was published in the 2015 Cornell Real Estate Review (CRER) (Volume 13, June 2015). The annual Review is part of a well-regarded interdisciplinary program in real estate at Cornell.

In his Foreward, David Funk, Director of the Baker Program in Real Estate, said the Review’s award “recognizes the top article from an enrolled graduate student, which went to Jacob Shelton of Texas A&M for his analysis of constitutional constraints on writing down underwater mortgages. Texas A&M now joins UW-Madison, USC, UCLA, Rutgers, Columbia University, MIT, University of California-Berkeley, University of Florida, and the University of Pennsylvania as universities whose students have received the coveted Capstone Advisors Most Outstanding Article award.”

Shelton’s article began in the fall of his 3L year as a paper for Professor Timothy Mulvaney’s Property Theory seminar course.

“Professor Mulvaney's course stimulated some very thought-provoking ideas and discussions that were instrumental in my research for the article,” Shelton said. “Moreover, both Professors Mulvaney and [Patrick] Flanagan were very helpful and supportive throughout the publication process.”

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