Recent gift by Mosher family propels Texas A&M University School of Law Professionalism Program forward

September 25, 2014

Stephen and Nancy MosherFORT WORTH, Texas -- Texas A&M University School of Law is riding a wave of momentum into the future, according to Stephen S. Mosher, Partner at Whitaker, Chalk, Swindle & Schwartz PLLC. Mosher and his wife, Nancy, have provided a generous gift to the law school – an institution that Mosher credits with opening new doors and opportunities in his life.

The Stephen S. and Nancy R. Mosher Gift provides direct financial support for the new Professionalism and Leadership Program for 1L, 2L and 3L law students at Texas A&M School of Law.

The Professionalism and Leadership Program complements existing courses and activities to prepare students to be successful, ethical and satisfied lawyers. Vice Dean Aric Short, who is overseeing this initiative, explained that developing “professional identity” is at the heart of this effort. The Moshers, long-time friends of the law school, were inspired to support the law school’s new professionalism program.

“This fine law school changed my life. It provided the foundation for a new and immensely satisfying career that would not have been possible otherwise. Nancy and I are so pleased to make this gift to support the law school and to ensure that its new Professionalism and Leadership Program is a success,” Mosher said.

Mosher received his J.D. from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 1995, and it was that experience that inspired his $25,000 gift. He enrolled at the law school in the fall of 1992 at the encouragement of management at Tandy Corporation, where Mosher worked as a computer engineer. At the time, the school operated as the Dallas-Fort Worth School of Law.

Studying law at Texas Wesleyan was memorable and rewarding for Mosher, and he has supported the school’s development over the years.

“It’s been gratifying to witness the growth of this law school during its 24-year history, from an ambitious start-up to its acquisition by Texas A&M University. That is no small achievement,” he said.

No Small Achievement

To have been a part of the law school community – as a student, as an alumnus, as a director on the Alumni Association Board for seven years, and now through serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council – marks one of the most interesting periods in Mosher’s life and career.

Highlights that made it so interesting and memorable for him include:

  • The study of law with a gifted and attentive faculty.
  • Witnessing the law school’s efforts to overcome obstacles (becoming accredited, ensuring that students could sit for the State Bar Exam, etc.).
  • Witnessing the law school’s leadership dedicate themselves to the challenges they faced and the goals they set.

“The time is right to support these new initiatives in professionalism,” Mosher said. “And, the commitment of Texas A&M to match donor gifts to the Texas A&M Foundation on a dollar-for-dollar basis is too good an opportunity to miss as the School of Law works to become a top-tier law school in this country.”

Looking back

While at Tandy Corporation, Mosher worked on a project with the company’s law department that involved patent matters.

“The law is different from engineering in many ways,” Mosher said. “The law is about the affairs and interactions among people, which I now see as a more satisfying kind of work than designing products or just solving routine technical problems.”

When his mentor—a now retired, highly-regarded patent lawyer for AT&T Bell Laboratories—inspired him to embark on a legal career instead of engineering, it seemed that this endeavor would become as fulfilling a career for Mosher as it was for his mentor. As it turns out, he was right.

“The practice of law has engaged my interests and become more satisfying than engineering ever did,” Mosher said. “Part of the reason for this, aside from the successful and fulfilling representation of clients, is the array of new opportunities for service that opens up to lawyers. It is truly amazing.

“The experience of studying law at TWU School of Law became one of the most fascinating, satisfying and memorable experiences of my career. It was fascinating because I found the law and the matters brought to it for resolution or development is a cross section of how society works.”

Texas A&M Law Professionalism and Leadership Program LogoLooking ahead

During an auspicious time in the history of Texas A&M School of Law, Mosher says, “The acquisition by Texas A&M University has breathed new life into an already thriving law school at a time when legal education is in transition.”

Vice Dean Short highlighted the importance of the Mosher’s gift: “Professionalism, ethics and leadership are more important than ever in legal education. Because of Stephen and Nancy’s generosity, we will be able to provide quality programming for all of our students that stresses these critical aspects of lawyering."

Mosher added, “Lawyers have responsibilities to their clients, to the justice system and to the public. Through workshops, panels and mentoring, this new program will help students balance the professional demands they face when they emerge from law school.”

How can you help?

With additional funding from members of our community, we can help develop professional lawyers and leaders. If you would like to support the law school, you can make a gift online or contact Myke Holt.