Prof. Rich Awarded Grant for Spring 2017 Criminal Justice Course

September 22, 2016

Lisa A. RichProfessor Lisa Rich

Texas A&M University School of Law Professor Lisa Rich was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Charles Koch Foundation to open and teach a special criminal justice course in Spring 2017.

The course, Criminal Justice Scholar and Advocate, will be available to five 2Ls and 3Ls who will focus on criminal justice research. 

“The seminar program will also facilitate student attendance/participation in at least one regional or national criminal justice conference per semester related to their work so they can engage with experts in the field and begin their leadership networking,” according to Rich’s draft. “They will also discuss the leadership and coalition building qualities necessary to lead and participate in a public policy setting.”

The grant will fund the student travel stipend and research budget.

Rich, who submitted the proposal in June, is very excited for the class and has already spoken to some students who are interested in the course. She is also optimistic of ​it ​continuing for more semesters.

“They’ve [students] given me research ideas they want to focus on,” she said.  “We’re hoping this spring to be the start of an ongoing course,” she said.

- Article by Jennifer Nassar, Communications Specialist, Texas A&M University School of Law