Earth Day Texas

April 24, 2017

HopeSheltonShaneWrightWShane Wright and Hope Shelton at Earth Day Texas hosted by the City of Dallas

On April 21, 2017, the City of Dallas hosted the Earth Day Texas symposium. There were several panels throughout the day discussing topics including corporate sustainability, the role of science in regulations, and balancing energy and development with public health and the environment.

Texas A&M Law students Elizabeth Ramey (1L), Hope Shelton (2L) and Shane Wright (3L) attended the symposium and participated in a diplomacy simulation.

The negotiation involved two countries, one of which the U.S. was funding a hydropower dam on a river that feeds into the other country. The dam would affect the water supply in the river and could detrimentally affect the ecosystem of an endangered bird.

While playing their assigned roles, the students focused on gathering information to find out the interests behind each parties’ position. They learned that negotiation requires collaboration, respect, and mutual gains and losses. Participants were invited to collaborate on an article for publication stemming from the simulation.