2019 Global Lawyering: Cambodia, Channel Islands, Mexico

July 26, 2019

Aggie Law is GlobalTexas A&M University School of Law Global Programs wrapped up a busy spring and summer with the completion of the field work portions of the 2019 Global Lawyering Field Courses to Cambodia and the British Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Supported by a Global Engagement Grant, students also traveled to Mexico as part of the Mexican Reintegration Project.

Cambodia Field Course students with monksThe field course to Cambodia focused on "Art, Fashion, Food & Culture: Trade and Sustainable Development in Cambodia" and was led by Professors Irene Calboli and Jeff Slattery. During their two-week stay in Cambodia, the ​students visited with law firms, government offices and silk weavers. They also traveled to Kampot to learn about production and marketing of the prized and geographically protected Kampot pepper.

Guernsey Field Course May2019The field course to Jersey and Guernsey studied the effects of Brexit on these Crown Dependencies and their role as financial centers in the world economy. The course was led by Professor Charlotte Ku and Dean of the Texas A&M School of Innovation, Andy Morriss. ​Students had the opportunity to engage with bankers, lawyers, financial regulators and senior government officials, including the Attorney General of Jersey.

Mexico Global Engagement Grant May 2019Aggie law students also traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, as part of the Mexican Reintegration Project Global Engagement Grant. Directed by Professors Luz Herrera, Huyen Pham, Angela Morrison and Guillermo Garcia Sanchez, the three-year project is a collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts, represented by Professor Sonia Hernandez, Department of History, and Professor Nancy Plankey-Videla, Department of Sociology. 

Mexico grant meeting May 2019The project’s objective is to help students understand the complexity of deportation through experiential learning, research inquiries and service projects. The students visit reintegration centers in Mexico, interview deportees and ​intern with centers that assist deportees. The research will be shared ​with services providers and attorneys who work with Mexican deportees. 

In addition to the field courses, students also participated in the Texas A&M Borderlands Law Program in Laredo which includes a joint Texas A&M Law-Texas A&M International University immersive course followed by summer externships/internships in the Laredo area for the law students. The intensive Borderlands Law class exposes students to current legal issues affecting the U.S.-Mexico border region, such as immigration, trade and business, and natural resources, water and the environment.

Learn more about Global Lawyering Field Courses:

Texas A&M University School of Law Global Lawyering Field Courses are faculty-led courses designed to provide students opportunities to develop both the skills and the mindset to engage effectively with different legal systems on particular topics. Course components include an initial introduction to the area and topic under study, a field work component and completion of a project incorporating field work findings.

For information about the above or interest in developing a field course, please contact Charlotte Ku, Associate Dean for Global Programs, at cku@law.tamu.edu.

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