Student Publications

May 17, 2017

Shane WrightShane Wright (3L) published "Retail Canyon: The Failure of Environmental Law Within an American Treasure," in the Boston University Public Interest Law Journal. His piece discusses and critiques the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Endangered Species Act in the context of proposed development of a tourist attraction inside the Navajo Reservation in the northern portion of the Grand Canyon.

In addition, the following 2L students will be publishing articles related to natural resources systems in upcoming editions of the Texas A&M Law Review or the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law:

Henrik Strand

"Solutions to the Barriers to Community Renewable Energy Production in the North American Arctic"

Robin Mills

"Smart Growth Through Tiny Homes: Incentivizing Freedom of Housing"

Brian Steinocher

"Regulate or be Regulated: Why Professional Landmen Should be Proactive in Protecting the Integrity of their Occupation"

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