Second Court of Appeals Visits Texas A&M Law

March 22, 2016

2ndCOA-March20162nd Court of Appeals Justice Lee Gabriel, Justice Sue Walker and Justice Bonnie Sudderth

Texas A&M University School of Law welcomed a panel of the Second Court of Appeals, Justice Lee Gabriel, Justice Sue Walker and Justice Bonnie Sudderth, to hear oral arguments on Tuesday, Mar​ch 22.

The court heard arguments in one civil case, Estate of Glenda Rhoades, Deceased, and one criminal case, John St. Angelo v. State, in the Amon G. Carter Lecture Hall in front of law school students, faculty and staff.

After the court adjourned, the justices and lawyers for both cases held an open question and answer session with the audience. Students asked a variety of questions, from guidance on court presentation to prepping for oral arguments.  

The Second Court of Appeals serves 12 counties in north central Texas and consists of seven justices. The court hears civil and criminal appeals.

John Murphy, Instructional Associate Professor of Law, said students being exposed to such a panel is beneficial because it’s different than learning about oral arguments and the judicial process from professors.

“It’s a better, much richer experience for students to see and hear attorneys and justices actually argue and discuss real-world cases, where the results truly matter to the parties involved,” he said. “There is no substitute for this kind of experiential learning, and our students are truly fortunate to study law in a city where the bar and judiciary are eager to demonstrate their courtroom skills.”

- Article by Jennifer Nassar, Communications Specialist, Texas A&M University School of Law