Commercial Law

Commercial law is an extensive category within business law. It governs business transactions, which regularly become the subject of disputes. The study of commercial law is valuable to both transactional lawyers and litigators, and it involves a broad spectrum of trade and commerce:

  • Sale and lease agreements
  • Promissory notes
  • Payment methods
  • Bank deposits
  • Collateral-backed financing

As a transactional lawyer or litigator focusing on commercial law, you would have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to a variety of business situations:

  • Aid businesses and individuals in reaching beneficial deals and avoiding legal pitfalls
  • Assist businesses in using the bankruptcy process to restructure
  • Apply your knowledge of law and commerce in business disputes to reach the best possible outcomes for your clients
  • Help clients make the best use of the fresh start offered by the bankruptcy laws
  • Ensure clients secure the best possible treatment of their business relationship with a bankrupt entity

Core Courses

If you focus on commercial law, you should take at least three of the following courses, though all four would be beneficial:

  • Secured Transactions
  • Payment Systems
  • Sales & Leases
  • Bankruptcy

Recommended Courses

Below are recommended courses related to commercial law. Commercial law practice overlaps substantially with business law, so many of these courses will help you in both areas. You should choose courses that interest you or that will further your career objectives.

  • Accounting for Lawyers
  • Agency & Partnership
  • Business Associations I & II
  • Business Fundamentals for Lawyers
  • Business Law Seminar
  • Due Diligence for the Professional
  • Federal Income Taxation
  • International Business Transactions
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Remedies
  • Securities Law Enforcement
  • Securities Regulation
  • Special Problems in Corporate Law: Offshore Financial Transactions, Cayman Islands
  • Taxation of Business Entities
  • The Business Negotiator
  • LARW III: Contract Drafting
  • LARW III: How the Deals Get Done
  • LARW III: Real Estate Drafting
  • Special Topics: ePayments Law & Business
  • Special Topics: International Trade Law

Related courses

You should also consider taking one or more of the following courses related to commercial law.

  • ADR Survey: Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration
  • Negotiation Theory & Practice Practicum