Good news! ​ All J.D. applicants at Texas A&M School of Law ​are considered for a merit scholarship upon admission, with no separate application required.

If awarded a scholarship, it becomes your personal responsibility to maintain eligibility under the renewal criteria associated with your specific award.

Law school scholarships, funded from internal sources, are restricted to tuition and tuition-generated fees and are available for use during the fall and spring terms only.

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver for Competitive Scholarship Recipients

Highly qualified non-residents receiving a School of Law competitive (merit-based) scholarship may receive an exemption from paying non-resident tuition and related fees for the semester(s) in which the scholarship is awarded. The School of Law Scholarship Committee will evaluate eligible admittees and notify those selected for a waiver. Only fully-admitted, degree-seeking students are eligible for the non-resident tuition waiver. 

Please note, School of Law merit-based scholarships and non-resident tuition waivers are available for use during the fall and spring terms only. If a competitive scholarship is canceled or reduced below the requisite minimum award, the student will lose eligibility for this waiver and must pay non-resident tuition beginning with the next enrollment period. 

External Awards 

Looking for additional funds? There are numerous external scholarship opportunities and writing competitions offering monetary awards. 

AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit corporation that provides financial education resources and services for law students, has a comprehensive scholarship database accessible to all:

Once you are enrolled at the law school, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to access these resources:

  1. Login to your REVS account.
  2. Select the “OCI and Job Listings” ​tab.
  3. Click on the “Scholarships” ​option from the "Type of Job" drop-down menu to view current available external scholarship opportunities and writing competitions.

For additional information on external awards, contact Admissions at 817-212-4040.

Maintaining Eligibility and Academic Progress Standards

Federal regulations require that students who wish to receive federal financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress as established by the institution. Information on the law school’s academic standards is available free of charge from the Student Services office.

Information about all requirements to maintain eligibility is available here.