Abigail Davis Will Mahaffy Wei Wu

The GRE:
Your Ticket to a Top-Ranked Law School

Want a challenging and rewarding career through which you can make the world a better place? It’s now possible for you to use your GRE score to get into law school and pursue a career that you’ll love and that will make your friends and family proud.

Why You Should Think About Becoming a Lawyer

  • Help others: From public interest lawyers who help victims of domestic abuse to business lawyers who craft partnership agreements, lawyers have the skills and training to impact the lives of real people.

  • Explore diverse opportunities: You can tailor your career to fit your interests by choosing among lots of exciting specialty areas. You could be an environmental lawyer working to protect the earth or a prosecutor fighting for justice.

  • Take exciting courses: Learn how the law intersects with bioethics, the environment, healthcare, energy, fashion, social science, technology, and much more.

  • Acquire a versatile skillset: If you look at the leadership ranks in government, in corporate America, in public interest organizations, in universities, and elsewhere, lawyers are everywhere. That's because of the skills that are taught in law school--analytic thinking, complex problem-solving, persuasive speaking, and leadership.

  • Have career flexibility: You could become a lawyer and help inventors obtain patents or fight for immigrant rights. Or you could take a non-lawyer job as a management consultant, a sports agent, or an expert witness.

Making the right choice to use the GRE to attend Texas A&M Law:

Abigail Davis ’22 - Maypearl, Texas

Abigail Davis

open quote iconI am so grateful that Texas A&M School of Law accepts the GRE. It is incredibly helpful for students in unique situations like mine. I was overseas in Scotland while I was applying for law school and having access to an exam that afforded me more flexibility was crucial. The GRE allowed me to take the appropriate time to study and take the exam well before the application deadline. Choosing Texas A&M Law was easy because of the alumni network and the overall experience that I’ve had in terms of people being on my side and cheering me on through law school.close quote icon


Will Mahaffy ’23 – Little Rock, Arkansas

Will Mahaffy

open quote iconI took the GRE because initially, I did not know whether I wanted to go to a graduate business program or to law school. My undergraduate degree was in accounting, so at first an MBA seemed like my most likely path. However, as I learned more about law school, I found that it was a better fit for me in terms of suiting my particular skillset and complementing the business background I gained from undergraduate. I found the GRE helpful for applying to law school because it requires test takers to absorb large amounts of information, an important skill required in law school. I chose Texas A&M because of a scholarship opportunity and I love the Aggie culture. I could not be happier with my choice of law school.close quote icon


Wei Wu ’22 – Wuhan, China

Wei Wu

open quote iconI think it is helpful to use the GRE for law school applications if you have a technical background and limited preparation time. I chose to take the GRE because I was working full-time while applying to law school and the GRE was offered more often. Also, with my technical background and patent work experience, I felt I would be more successful on the GRE and it would give me more opportunities. Texas A&M was my top choice in law schools because of my interest in intellectual property. I knew I would have many opportunities for internships because of the fast-developing Texas economy and the law school’s Aggie network. I also knew I would have a high-quality life because of the friendly Texas culture and affordable housing. I am happy I chose Texas A&M as they are willing to help every student succeed.close quote icon