Taylor Winn

Taylor Winnopen quote iconTexas A&M Law prepared me for the practice of law in my current position in three main ways.

First, A&M offers an incredible array of courses and extracurriculars that develop the knowledge and skill bases needed to practice law. The ability to take specialized criminal law classes and develop leadership skills in student organizations like the Student Bar Association and the Military and Veteran Law Society were instrumental in my law school experience.

Second, not only is experiential learning encouraged, it is required and is so important. From interning with the U.S. Navy JAG Corps to the United States Senate, and several places in between, I was able to get great practical experience that you cannot get in a classroom. There are an abundance of opportunities out there and Texas A&M Law works tirelessly to help get you where you want to be.

Finally, networking, networking, networking. From 1L year on, networking and professional identity are stressed and it can really pay off. Each of my jobs have led to the next job and was greatly helped because my previous supervisor was willing to make a phone call on my behalf. Building your network is very important in progressing in your legal career and the Aggie Network and the tools that Texas A&M Law provide will open pretty much any door you might want to go through. Between the academic opportunities, practical experiences, and networking development, Texas A&M Law does an incredible job of developing successful attorneys ready to dive headfirst into the legal field.close quote icon