​Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDanielopen quote iconTexas A&M Law helped prepare me for the practice of law in my current position in two ways: in the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical part came from the overall law school experience and familiarizing myself, and becoming more comfortable, with the “language of law.”  This really shaped how I think, analyze, and write. The practical part came from taking specific classes in line with my field of interest. I was fortunate that I knew the area of law I wanted to practice going into law school (transactional work in the corporate space). I focused on those classes that would either provide me with a practical application (e.g. Contract Drafting, Advanced Dispute Resolution) or would teach me corporate concepts to add to my legal and non-legal knowledge base for practical use (e.g. Business Entities/Organizations, Federal Income Tax, Secured Transactions, Payments Systems). Coming into a corporate associate position, I felt better equipped to “hit the ground running” as a result of concentrating on drafting and negotiating agreements as well as building my overall understanding of business by taking finance-related courses.close quote icon