​Gregory Franklin 

Greg Franklinopen quote iconWithout a doubt A&M Law provided me with a first-class education, but what I learned outside of the classroom is the keystone of my success today. As a litigator, I have to be a counselor, advocate, and problem solver.  A&M law helped me develop these skills through experiential learning.  I learned how to provide consultation to clients when I worked in our trademark clinic.  I competed at a national level in advocacy competitions; so when I first stepped into a court room as a licensed attorney, it was second-nature.  As a student, I participated in a year-long joint project between the law school and the Bush School on main campus.  We were tasked with solving transportation issues for commercial goods between Mexico, the United States, and Canada.  Although the project wasn’t solely law focused (legal issues did exist), the project demonstrated that our legal learning and problem-solving skills are appreciated in any industry.  I’ve been able to adapt and deploy all of these skills in various areas of the law such as construction, financial services, healthcare, intellectual property, and even esports. But most importantly, A&M Law taught me how to be an Aggie Lawyer.  This is very special to me.  The core values that we lived by have been my guiding light as I continue to advocate for my clients.close quote icon