Derek McKee

Derek McKeeopen quote iconAs a Labor and Employment Associate at an international, full-service law firm, I can attest to the foundation Texas A&M Law provided for my career that set me apart from my peers. Texas A&M Law takes the time to equip each individual student with the tools to make them successful lawyers in any practice area from day one. I personally relished the opportunities Texas A&M Law provided me to simultaneously serve as a student organization leader, a research assistant, an ADR National Competitor, and a member of Texas A&M Law Review, while also receiving a world-class education from world-class professors. This breadth of experience in different facets of the law enabled me to develop leadership and time-management skills far beyond that of a typical first-year Associate. I also thoroughly enjoyed the benefit of gaining employment law experience through the Workplace Law Concentration Program before I started my practice. Under our faculty’s mentorship and instruction, I entered my career perfectly equipped to handle even the most nuanced employment discrimination cases. Had I not chosen to attend Texas A&M Law, I would not be where I am today.close quote icon