Allen Al-Haj

Allen Al-Hajopen quote iconThe faculty and staff at Texas A&M Law went above and beyond to provide me with the skills and resources to be a successful law student, federal law clerk, and now commercial litigator.  My 1L professors and Academic Support Teaching Assistants helped me learn and implement studying habits and methods to researching and analyzing the law that I continue to use to this day.  From there, serving as an editor on Texas A&M's law review and working with my faculty advisor, in authoring and publishing a Note honed my legal writing skills, which are integral to being a successful litigator.  And finally, throughout my time at A&M Law I was able to learn from professors, including some practicing adjunct professors, that are subject matter experts in legal topics such as antitrust, secured transactions, copyrights, and trademarks.  Learning from these experienced professors and others provided me with the foundational knowledge to represent clients that encounter issues in those same legal areas.close quote icon