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Do you want to fight for immigrant rights? Are you passionate about the environment? Are you excited by the thought of negotiating deals for a high-tech start-up? Our top priority is to place you in a job that will allow you to pursue your interests.

We rank 10th in the nation and ​2nd in Texas for employment in full-time, long-term bar-pass-required or JD-advantage jobs.

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Nick Gerner
Tie She Chavis
Jennifer McDaniel
Brent Dore
Rachel Taft
Greg Franklin
Elizabeth Shannon
Allen Al-Haj
Taylor Cummins
Colton Lauer
Meighan Arce
Joshua Ramirez
Lauren Thomas
Derek McKee
Spencer Mainka
John Robinson
Jordan Jenson
Jarrod Azopardi
Nicole Smith
Jordan Kozlowski Curry
Denise Rosales
Taylor Winn
Megan Cloud
Najmu- Mohseen