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May 2017 Field Study
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Jersey (Channel Islands) map and flag

Facilitating Trade

Student Bloggers:
Caitlyn Ashley, John Cox, Arild Doerge, Mengyuan Fang, Jordan Jensen, Enrica Martey, Sara Murdock, Kaitlyn Pound, Elizabeth Spencer-Berthiaume and Steven Traeger

Field study course led by Dean Andrew Morriss and Professor William Magnuson
Jersey students

Ten Aggie Law students, led by Dean Andrew Morriss and Professor William Magnuson, traveled to the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands to explore firsthand the basics of international and comparative law, cross cultural communication and being a global professional. As Jersey is a major international financial center, the students examined how businesses and investors make use of Jersey structures to invest in Great Britain, the European Union and the world. They gained an understanding of the British constitution, European Union financial regulation and the legal issues involved in wealth management.


Visit the Coast

Scramble on the rocks​ of the scenic ​coast of Jersey with our Aggie Law students who participated in the Global Programs field ​study course “Facilitating Trade.” Video provided by Steven Traeger J.D. ’18.

Downtown Bike Tour

Ride along for a bike tour of the streets of St. Helier on the island of Jersey.

​Wind and Waves

Explore the wind and waves on the rugged coast of the island of Jersey. Arild Doerge J.D. ’20 captured this footage of the ​Jersey shore.

Bike Along the Shore

Enjoy a leisurely 12-minute bike ride along the coast of the island of Jersey​.

Ferry to Guernsey

Grab a quick glimpse of our Aggie Law students on the ferry to Guernsey from Jersey in the Channel Islands where they studied “Facilitating Trade.” Video provided by Kaitlyn Pound J.D. ’19.