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Dameron Barron (JD '​20)
Legal and Internal Audit Department, Kobe Steel Group, Kobelco
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo State of Mind

After finally getting to experience Tokyo after years of studying the city and particularly the language, it was sort of surreal. It was everything I had imagined but I still found myself in a state of culture shock. It was so different than any place I had ever lived or visited, and I loved it for that.

Tokyo is bigger than any city I have ever visited and that includes New York City. Despite the grandeur of the city, you somehow feel connected with everyone you meet.

And during rush hour on a Tokyo train, you become connected quite literally. The city buzzes with lights and energetic people. There is really nothing like it. How the Japanese somehow maintain such clean streets with so many people is beyond me.

If it was not for those hectic morning train rides to work I would probably still be in Tokyo right now!

Tokyo really worked its magic on me. I left Japan completely in a Tokyo state of mind and it has been that way ever since. 

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shopping trip
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