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Dameron Barron (JD '​20)
Legal and Internal Audit Department, Kobe Steel Group, Kobelco
Tokyo, Japan

Overlooking Kyoto

After a few days of touring Kobelco factories, Fukuuchi-san and I thought it would be fun to visit Kyoto! 

I immediately knew our first stop would have to be Fushimi Inari Shrine.

kyoto toriiFushimi Inari is filled with the most beautiful tori (traditional Japanese gates) I have ever seen. They were the most vibrant color of red and were covered with the names of people and businesses who have donated to the shrine. There were tori in all different sizes.

The bigger the tori, the bigger the donation, and thus, the bigger the good fortune.

Kyoto was truly one-of-a-kind in a sea of amazing cities in Japan. It felt historic and peaceful. It seemed as if the country was growing right around it but Kyoto maintained its historic roots.

It had once served as Japan’s capital and was the city of the emperor’s residence for centuries during the Edo period. You could feel the significance of Kyoto just by walking through its streets.

kyoto buildingFrom Fushimi Inari, we went to Kiyomizu-dera. Kiyomizu-dera is a magnificent example of Japanese architectural ingenuity.

The temple sits 43 feet above the ground, supported by tall wood pillars, overlooking the city of Kyoto. There was not a single nail used within its construction.

The thought of being in the presence of such history was quite overwhelming, and I was so thankful to have the experience. 

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group picture in Kyoto
three tier building Kyoto
overlooking-kyoto2 shrine-wolf side_of-doorway tree-view bridge_over-river bell-ringing buddhist-shrine Fushimi_Inari-taisha-Shrine Fushimi_Inari-taisha-shrine2 kimono-family kyoto-doorway kyoto-stairs narrow-street overlooking-kyoto