global law​Texas A&M University School of Law Global Law and Policy Program

Today’s problems require global solutions. Today’s lawyer needs the skills to frame and to shape solutions that draw on all resources regardless of whether they are local or international. The Texas A&M University School of Law Global Programs equips students to develop the mindset, curiosity and skills to advance tomorrow’s path-breaking solutions.

Lawyers today live and work in an exciting time of change and flux with new players, new institutions and new opportunities. The Texas A&M University ​School of Law Global Programs is committed to understanding this dynamic environment and to equipping students to engage productively in it.

Taylor Winn with Ghanaian children3L Taylor Winn experienced West Africa ​in the field study course "Ghana: Land Use Conflicts and Right to Justice."
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Eckstein at VaticanProfessor Gabriel Eckstein served as a legal commentator at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Seminar on the Human Right to Water held ​at the Vatican.
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The Texas A&M University School of Law Global Law and Policy Program provides participants with a unique opportunity to engage with real world problems on a global basis. Features of the program include:

  • Engagement with practitioners, government officials, and communities on specific topics of social, economic, and political  importance
  • Collaborative work incorporating field study findings
  • Opportunities to strengthen problem-solving and communication skills
  • Collaboration with Texas A&M School of Law faculty in areas of expertise

The three-credit two-semester Global Lawyering Field Course is a central element of the program, allowing participants to gain general knowledge of a jurisdiction and a topic area, conduct field work and produce a study on the topic. Students delve into legal issues impacting people around the world, such as building the Rule of Law, access to justice, land use, resource management, dispute resolution and financial regulation. Students may also work on global law and policy projects for clients in a variety of countries.

Texas A&M former students and faculty are leaders in their professions. For law, this includes global leadership. Law practice today is built on ties and relationships. For the Texas A&M lawyer, the ties and relationships are global.



2024 Field ​Course Opportunities:

  • Scotland: Conflict Resolution and Energy Transition
  • London and Malta: International Maritime Business and Law

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Recent Field Course Locations and Topics

                    Note: Not all courses are available every year. List above includes past, current, and upcoming courses.

Recent courses:

International Internships and Externships

Texas A&M University School of Law offers students and recent graduates incredible opportunities to explore global lawyering and expand their international resume through externships and internships around the world. ​Internships range from two to twelve weeks in law firms, corporations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.
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Global Rule of Law Development Seminar & Projects

Backstop clients around the world with research and information on specific law topics. In this capstone course, students work on projects for clients in a variety of countries, creating a written product ​for the requesting agency/organization. Through these projects students will improve their skills in rule of law assessment, research, and communication.

Texas A&M's Commitment to Global Engagement

Texas A&M University has a global reach with study centers in Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, and a campus in Qatar. Aggies are supported by the Aggie Network, which ​spans the globe with over 450,000 former students worldwide and 35 international A&M Clubs. Learn more about:

Texas and the World

Texas is a global player ​with:
  • $251 billion in exports
  • 54 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Texas
  • more than 64,600 multinational corporations with Texas operations reported by the Texas Secretary of State
  • a 1,254 mile international border with Mexico and a long history of cross-border activity

Visiting Scholars

CLIP visiting scholars 2017-18The Texas A&M University School of Law Visiting Scholar Program welcomes qualified individuals to undertake independent research. Visiting scholars are encouraged to engage in the intellectual life of the School of Law including faculty programs and conferences.
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Scotland Dunnottar Castle
cambodia loom
Taylor Wood with Chief of the Senchi
Scotland Hall
Eckstein Istanbul Water Forum
Mari Kelly in Cambodia at Vishnu Law Group