Externship Opportunities at Texas A&M School of Law

A top-notch legal education extends beyond textbooks and lectures. Practical experiences outside the classroom are integral to comprehensive legal training. These experiences are available through the Externship Programs at Texas A&M School of Law.

Program Benefits

Our students gain meaningful and substantive legal experience under the supervision and mentorship of practicing attorneys, judges and policy-makers.

  • Earn academic credit for performing legal work in settings such as government entities, public interest organizations and courts.
  • Apply academic learning to real cases, while gaining valuable insight into the operation of legal institutions.

Externship Program Options

Aggie law students have vast array of different externship options through our three externship programs:

Eligibility, Requirements and Placements

Each externship program has specific eligibility criteria and requirements.

Students secure their own externships in approved placements and work a minimum number of hours in exchange for credit. Externships give students the opportunity to engage in reflective learning under the supervision of faculty and practicing attorneys.

Learn more about ​​all of the Texas A&M School of Law Externship Programs here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Externship Programs, please contact:

Cecily-Becker Cecily Becker
Externship Program Director
  • cbecker@law.tamu.edu
  • 817-212-4058
  • Office 214
  • Texas A&M University School of Law
    1515 Commerce Street
    Fort Worth, Texas 76102
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