Employment Mediation Clinic

Nowhere are mediation skills more important than in the area of labor and employment disputes, where significant amounts of money and the quality of employees’ working lives might rest on mediation outcomes. The Employment Mediation Clinic at Texas A&M University School of Law offers students the opportunity for real-world mediation experience in the context of live employment disputes referred from local employers.

The Clinic accommodates a small, select group of 2L and 3L students who have demonstrated interest in mediation and/or labor and employment law. Students develop hands-on experience and capability, including joint session, caucus, negotiation and closing skills. Students serve as co-mediator with the instructor in referred cases, and each student will deliver an opening statement as co-mediator in one or more mediations. Organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Fort Worth have referred cases to the Employment Mediation Clinic.

  • Each student will participate in as many mediation sessions as their schedule and Clinic workflow will allow.
  • Students will keep a journal of their own mediation experiences to facilitate classroom group discussions.
  • Acceptance to this clinic is based on faculty approval and at present is generally limited to a maximum of six students.
  • The Clinic is offered on a pass/fail basis for two semester hours of credit.

For more information about the Employment Mediation Clinic, contact Adjunct Professor James L. Young.