Journal of Real Property Law Publishes Student Articles Edition

December 17, 2013

The Texas A&M University School of Law Journal of Real Property Law has published their second edition of the year, the Student Articles edition. This latest volume contains select articles by Journal members and awardees of the Journal’s national student writing competition and essays from “The Future of Energy Law” event.

This edition follows the Water Law volume which was a result of the Journal’s “Securing Water Supplies for the Future: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities” 2012 fall symposium and included an article from Journal member 2L Sabita Maharaj. The Journal’s inaugural issue, Wildfire Law followed up the 2012 spring symposium “Wildfire Law: Private Property & Public Interests”. The Spring 2014 edition will be a product of the Journal’s November 2013 Wind Energy Law Symposium “Wind Farming: Obstacles to Planning and Development,” hosted at the law school. All Real Property Law Journal publications are available for free download from the Journal's website

2L Berkeley Mengwasser is the Journal of Real Property Law managing editor and oversees all publications.  3L Liz Wiggins is the editor-in-chief and Professor Gabriel Eckstein is the Journal’s faculty advisor.
The Student Articles edition includes five articles written by Journal members and selected by last year's board members to be published this year. This includes Ryan Brooke's article he presented at the Journal’s Wind Energy Symposium in November. Ryan was a member of the inaugural Texas A&M School of Law graduating class in December, 2013. The other Journal students whose papers were selected for publication are 3Ls Erin Clifft, Marie-Claire Hart, Mark Maples, and Liz Wiggins, all of whom are scheduled to graduate this May. The wide range of selected topics is a reflection of the Journal's dedication to encourage discussions relating to real property law that are interesting and relevant to academicians, practitioners, and law students.

Two more articles were selected through the inaugural Real Property Journal's National Contest which was open to all law students in the United States. The winning submission was from a Michigan State University School of Law student, Leah Walker, whose paper was entitled "To Detroiters and Outsiders: A Call to Action to Bring Back the Motor City." The second place winner was Eric Biscopink who attended University of Kentucky School of Law. The goal of the contest, which excludes students from our own school, was to expand the breadth of contributions published by the Journal and to provide a platform for student writers producing excellent scholarly work to contribute to real property law discourse.

The publication also includes transcripts from two speakers from the “Future of Energy” event hosted at the law school last spring. Dr. Götz Reichert, head of the energy division of the Center for European Policy in Freiburg, Germany, and our very own Professor Gina Warren discuss the European and American approaches.

The Journal anticipates publishing the Spring 2014 edition by May, which will include papers from presenters at the Fall 2013 Wind Energy Law Symposium. A call for articles will be made on the Journal’s website and Facebook page and via email. In the spring, the current Journal board will also be selecting the student articles to be published in the Fall 2014 edition.

About Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law

The Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law is a scholarly publication dedicated to promoting academic discussions of real property law. The Journal explores the relationships arising from ownership, possession, and use of real property. Because of the inherent connectivity between real property law and other disciplines, the Journal aims to provide an expanded lens to view, discuss, and understand these complexities and to facilitate thoughtful and intelligent discourse of national, state, and local issues that shape the field of real property law today.