3L Henrik Strand to Clerk for Texas Supreme Court

October 23, 2017

Henrik StrandTexas A&M School of Law 3L Henrik Strand

After a six-week summer internship with Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court, Texas A&M Law student Henrik Strand knew he wanted to return for a post graduate clerkship.

“Writing research memos for the Court was one of the most exciting experiences of my law school career,” said Strand, citing his experience last summer. “By the time a matter reaches the Court, it’s a hard call on either side. Being at that level and examining how to parse out the differences of these cases is really eye opening.”

This fall, Strand will head back to Austin, this time to serve as a clerk for Justice John Phillip Devine. Crediting the clerks who helped him during his internship days, Strand says he’s eager to return to the Court.

“Last summer, a clerk would occasionally hand me a brief that they thought was particularly well done,” Strand said. “That exercise alone was tremendous in helping me examine these issues with a critical eye. Moreover, it’s helped me hone my legal writing skills.”

In addition to the study of solidly written briefs, Strand said the experience of writing for the Court last summer helped him immensely.

“Writing memos that I knew the Justices would see absolutely influenced my writing and legal reasoning skills,” he said. “Unlike a memo for class or an internship application, I had the opportunity to write about issues they had thoroughly considered.”

During his upcoming clerkship, Strand will continue researching and writing memos in collaboration with staff attorneys, while also having the unique experience of observing deliberations.

“The Texas Supreme Court is one of the only high-level courts that permits clerks to be present during deliberations – this was a big draw for me,” he said. “To take part not only in that process, but in helping inform the justices as they write their opinions – it’s an incredible honor.”

Strand is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Texas A&M Law Review. Last spring, he was an extern with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin as part of Texas A&M Law’s Residency Externship Program in Public Policy. In addition, he has served as a Public Interest Fellow, a Dallas Bar Foundation James A. Baker Clerk, and a member of the Center for American and International Law’s Higginbotham Inn of Court.