Howdy! We hope you will ​join Texas A&M School of Law's graduate degree program.

Admissions Decisions

Admission decisions are based on a thorough review of each applicant’s file. While the strength of the applicant’s complete academic record figures prominently in the process, a multitude of factors are considered in ascertaining an applicant’s probability of successfully completing the program of study. While satisfying the minimum admission criteria qualifies the applicant to be considered, meeting minimum criteria for admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the program.


  • By cohort:
    • Fall:
      • Application deadline: August 1
    • Spring:
      • Application deadline: January 1
    • Summer (for online programs only):
      • Application deadline: May 1
  • Applications are ​accepted on a rolling basis with cohorts starting Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Applications and all associated paperwork will need to be received in a timely manner ​to ensure you matriculate into your preferred cohort.
  • We encourage you to apply early to receive a timely admissions decision.
  • The Admissions Committee will give careful consideration to timely submitted applications until reaching program capacity.

Application Process

  • LL.M.:
    • All LL.M. applicants must register with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) LL.M. Credential Assembly Service in order to access the electronic application and submit the required documents necessary to complete the admissions process.

    • Click here for the LL.M. Application Process

  • MLS: