Event/Room Reservation Form

Faculty/Staff Event/Room Reservation Form

This form is to be used by faculty or staff only for on-campus and off-campus events.
Students and student organizations must use the Student Organization Event Request Form.

Items with an asterisk are required.*



Requester contact info:
Event contact info (if different from Requester):


This is not a guarantee you will get the requested room.
Target Audience (check all that apply)*

Are students required to attend this event?*

Include title and/or place of employment, if known. Example: David Lopez, General Counsel, EEOC.
Include title and/or place of employment, if known. Example: David Lopez, General Counsel, EEOC.
Is this a CLE?*

If you indicate this is a CLE, you will be contacted for additional information.
Will you be charging a fee for this event? (Entry fee, registration fee, meal fee, etc.)*

Do you plan on having alcohol at your event?*

For example: tables at front for panel of 6 guest speakers; auditorium audience-style seating; rounds of 8 for luncheon; hollow square for 20; etc.

Any Audio/Visual (microphones, recording, etc.), WebEx, TTVN, Polycom conference phone, or other I.T. needs?*

Photographer needed?*


If you are having food delivered or catered for the event, please provide vendor info and Law School point of contact (POC) info:

* If you are having food delivered/catered, please notify Security with date, time, vendor, and ​Law School contact person.
Social Media, Newsfeed, & Press Release: Do you allow this event to be mentioned on the Law School's official social media platforms, as a news article on the Law School website, or in an official press release? (check all that apply) (optional):

Please note that social media postings, web news articles, and press releases are ​posted on a case-by-case basis and are created based on the needs and resources of the Law School. Selecting yes is not a guarantee your event will be posted/published.
Would you like this event to appear on the Law School website event calendar or is it private?*

Note: The website calendar is viewable by current students, prospective students, faculty, staff and the general public. Select "Yes" if you want students, faculty, and/or staff to know about the event.
A private event is something like a tenure committee meeting or internal department meeting.
If you have a flyer for your event, please upload it here by clicking "Select" to attach a file from your computer.
If you don't have a flyer now, once you have one, please email it to tkevans@law.tamu.edu for posting to the website event calendar.


If you have clicked on "Submit" but the form remains open without a confirmation screen, a required field has not been completed. Please ​scroll back up through the form and complete all required fields. Missing information will be indicated in red text.