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  • Interim Dean Thomas Mitchell served as the keynote speaker at the Black Folks Land Legacy Conference on St. Helena Island, SC (Mar. 11, 2017).

  • Professor Peter Yu presented "The Future of Global Fair Use Is Not Fair Use" at the 17th Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University (August 10-11, 2017).

  • Prof. Irene Calboli delivered the keynote address "Intellectual Property and the Public Interest: One Size Does Not Fit All" at the Symphonizing Intellectual Property and Potential Resources for Public Welfare Conference organized by the Annual Conference of the Association of Intellectual Property Lecturers of Indonesia, University of Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia.

OTHER (grants, awards, citations in published court decisions and briefs, leadership appointments, etc.) 


  • Professor Milan Markovic will serve as the principal investigator for the Texas Lawyers Study for which Texas A&M received a $370,000 research grant from the Access Group. The Texas Lawyers Study will examine the professional satisfaction and income levels of nearly 88,000 members of the State Bar of Texas (April 2016).

  • Professor Michael Z. Green received the Paul Steven Miller Memorial Award at the Tenth Annual Colloquium on Labor and Employment Scholarship held at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Ind. (Sept. 11, 2015). See the article.

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