Faculty Highlights

​February 2017

Professor Lisa T. Alexander presented her essay, "Evicted: The Socio-Legal Case for the Right to Housing," 126 Yale Law Journal Forum 431 (2017), at the Real Property Law Schmooze, sponsored by Texas A&M School of Law’s Program in Real Estate and Community Development Law in Fort Worth, TX (Feb. 3, 2017).

Professor Sahar Aziz's article “Rethinking Counterterrorism in the Age of ISIS: Lessons from Sinai” was published as the lead article in the Nebraska Law Review (Feb. 2017).

  • Delivered comments at a community dinner on Civil Rights Challenges Facing Muslim Communities in Texas hosted by the ACLU of Texas in Dallas (Feb. 26, 2017).

  • Served as an invited commentator in the Boston Review Forum titled “Islam on Trial” (Feb. 27, 2017).

  • Participated in a conference, Civil Rights and Discrimination Against Muslims, at Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts (Feb. 17, 2017).

  • Participated in an academic convening titled Civil Rights Challenges Facing Muslims in America at Georgetown University (Feb. 7, 2017).

  • Quoted in the following news ​articles:
    • “What is it like to be a Muslim at a Baptist University?” PBS Newshour (Feb. 17, 2017)
    • “This group believes Islam threatens America: ‘It’s a spiritual battle of good and evil,’” Washington Post (Feb. 18, 2017)
    • “48 Questions the FBI Uses to Determine if Someone is Likely a Terrorist,” The Intercept (Feb. 14, 2017)
    • “Partnering Up: How to Work with Religious Leaders to Counter Violent Extremism,” Duke World Policy Journal (Feb. 2017)
    • “Impact of Trump’s Executive Orders,” BBC World News (Feb. 7, 2017)
    • “Changing CVE to Focus on Islam Is Counterproductive, Critics Say,” USA Today (Feb. 2, 2017)

Associate Dean William Byrnes published “How May the United States Leverage its FATCA IGA Bilateral Process to Incentivize Good Tax Administrations among the World of Black Hat and Grey Hat Governments? A Carrot & Stick Policy Proposal” in volume 31 of the Emory International Law Review.

Professor Irene Calboli presented "Critical Theories as Balancing Methods in IP" at Research Methodologies in IP Law, a workshop at Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore, which she also convened and organized with participants from the U.S., Europe and Asia (Feb. 25, 2017).

  • Organized the 2nd Works-in-Progress Conference “IPScholars Asia,” Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore, that attracted over 150 participants from all over the world. At the conference, she also presented "Tying Together Different Experiences for Effective Capacity Building on IP in Asia" (Feb. 23-24, 2017).

  • Presented "The Protection of GIs and Trademark in the Multilateral International System" at the WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teacher and Researchers of Asia, Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore (Feb. 20-22, 2017).

Professor Gabriel Eckstein served as a commentator and participant at the Seminar on the Human Right to Water: An interdisciplinary focus and contributions on the central role of public policies in water and sanitation management, organized by Cátedra del Diálogo y Cultura del Encuentro and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City. Eckstein was honored with meeting Pope Francis (Feb. 23-24, 2017).

  • Served as roundtable moderator for the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law Spring 2017 New Water symposium, held at Texas A&M University School of Law (Feb. 17, 2017).

  • Moderated the panel “Works in Progress: Takings Revisited” at the Real Property Law Schmooze held at Texas A&M University School of Law (Feb. 2-4, 2017).

  • Invited to participate in a series of workshops on the “Science-Policy Interface of Transboundary Rivers” that will be held in Washington, DC, and is funded by the U.S. National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center. The workshops will take place in Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and Fall 2018.

Susan Fortney, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, presented at the Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law Symposium. Her topic was “The Ethics of Hourly Billing” (Feb. 2017).

Professor Paul George's article on "Conflict of Laws" (with co-author Randy Gordon) was accepted by the SMU Annual Survey of Texas Law (Feb. 2017).

  • Named as a member of the oversight group for the Sedona Conference’s study "Choice of Law for Data in the International Context."

  • Republished an article on international parallel litigation in Edward Elgar’s new two volume set, Procedure and Private International Law, ed. Wendy Perdue (Edward Elgar, 2017). The publisher describes the project as bringing together “the most important and influential material in the subject area.” The article was originally published in 37 Texas International Law Journal 499-540 (2002).

Professor Michael Z. Green presented his paper, “Merging Mediation and Arbitration at Work While Black,” on the panel "Prejudice in Arbitration,” at the 2017 Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Review Symposium, SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas, Texas (Feb. 17, 2017).

Professor Maxine M. Harrington was a panelist addressing bioethics in “Assisted Reproduction: Creating New Life and New Law,” a ​continuing ​legal education (CLE) program at the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (Feb. 8, 2017).

Professor Bill Henning served as a member of the U.S. Delegation to Working Group VI of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, which has developed a model secured-transactions law for developing nations and is now drafting a guide to enactment. The guide is essentially a set of official comments to the act.

Associate Dean Charlotte Ku attended the annual meeting of the International Studies Association "Understanding Change in World Politics," in Baltimore, Md. (Feb 22-25, 2017). At ​the meeting, she:

  • Chaired and participated in a roundtable on “Visualizing International Law."
  • Organized and chaired a panel to honor Kenneth W. Abbott, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, for his contributions to interdisciplinary studies in international law and international relations.
  • Participated in a roundtable on “Formal and Informal Institutions in Torture, Trafficking, and Criminal Forms of Unconventional Warfare."

Professor Gary Lucas’s article, “Voter Psychology and the Carbon Tax,” was accepted for publication in the Temple Law Review

  • His op-ed "Lucas on Voter Psychology & the Carbon Tax" was published in Legal Theory Blog (Feb. 14, 2017).

Professor Glynn Lunney's paper, “Trademark’s Judicial De-Evolution: Why Courts Get Trademark Cases Wrong Repeatedly,” has been accepted for publication in the California Law Review.

  • Served as the keynote speaker for Fair Use Week, hosted by Texas A&M University Libraries (Feb. 22, 2017).

  • Presented a talk titled “Copyright’s Price Discrimination Deficiency” at the Works-in-Progress IP Colloquium hosted by Boston University School of Law (Feb. 10, 2017).

Professor Thomas W. Mitchell presented “Race, Wealth, and Property” at the Real Property Law Schmooze at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, TX. As co-director for the Program in Real Estate and Community Development Law, he co-sponsored this event along with Professor Lisa Alexander (Feb. 3, 2017).

Professor Srividhya Ragavan recorded a “Skilled in the Art” podcast for Aggie Law IP Students student organization (Feb. 2017).

Associate Professor Neil L. Sobol was interviewed about his article, “Protecting Consumers from Zombie-Debt Collectors,” by the Fort Worth Star Telegram for its cover-story, “Texas Lawmaker Wants to Send ‘Zombie Debt’ to the Grave” (Feb. 20, 2017).

Associate Professor Saurabh Vishnubhakat was an invited speaker and panel chair at the 2017 IP Scholars Asia Conference in Singapore, organized by Professor Irene Calboli at the Singapore Management University Applied Research Centre for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia, where she serves as Visiting Professor and Deputy Director. Vishnubhakat presented his ongoing research project, “A Transnational Look at Expired U.S. Patents,” and moderated the “Protection of Plant Varieties” session (Feb. 23–24, 2017).

Professor Peter Yu was appointed the Co-Director of Studies of the American Branch of the International Law Association (Feb. 2017).