Negotiating Crime Book ​Launch

Monday, November 11, 2019
5:​30 - 7:00 p.m.
Conference Center
Texas A&M University School of Law
Fort Worth, Texas

negotiating crime book cover with authorsTexas A&M University School of Law is proud to launch Professor Cynthia Alkon's new textbook Negotiating Crime:  Plea Bargaining, Problem Solving, and Dispute Resolution in the Criminal Context, co-authored with Professor Andrea Schneider.

Cynthia Alkon is the director of the Texas A&M Law Criminal Law, Justice & Policy Program and is on the faculty of the Aggie Dispute Resolution Program. Andrea Schneider is the director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Marquette University Law School.

This groundbreaking, first of its kind textbook covers all of the processes through which criminal cases are resolved in the United States beyond trials. Negotiating Crime brings together criminal procedure, current policy debates, and dispute resolution concepts to examine the practice of criminal law in the 21st century. It is published by Carolina Academic Press.

Co-authors Cynthia Alkon and Andrea Schneider ​were joined by Texas A&M School of Law Dean Robert Ahdieh and Aggie Dispute Resolution Program Director Nancy Welsh to discuss their new book and answer questions from faculty, students,  local judges and lawyers.