Real Property Law Schmooze

schmooze graphic"Bridging the Urban Versus Rural Divide"
Invitation-Only Faculty Workshop
February ​1-​3, 201​8
Texas A&M University School of Law
Fort Worth, Texas

The flagship event of the Program in Real Estate and Community Development Law at Texas A&M University School of Law, the Real Property Law Schmooze, is an annual event which affords property law scholars the opportunity to share works-in-progress or early-stage ideas with other leading property law scholars at Texas A&M University and beyond. ​In 2017, the Program’s inaugural year, the Program invited 22 external legal scholars from law schools in the southern United States to the 2017 Schmooze.

2018 schmooze groupLisa Alexander Schmooze 2018The 2018 “Bridging the Urban Versus Rural Divide” Real Property Law Schmooze invited 17 legal scholars with expertise in either urban or rural property law to present unpublished works-in-progress or early-stage ideas that are relevant to the theme of how law can help resolve urban and rural challenges and bridge the urban versus rural divide. We welcomed papers on a broad range of urban and rural property law challenges including, but not limited to, housing law and policy, land tenure, land loss, land use, zoning, the environment, and property law and theory, as well as papers that address international and comparative urban and rural property law issues. View the full schedule here.

Notably, our Program in Real Estate and Community Development Law coordinated with Texas A&M University School of Law’s Faculty Speaker Series to host two great property scholars who are also participating in the Schmooze:

Joseph William SingerProfessor Joseph William Singer, the Bussey Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, ​was the Distinguished Real Property Law Keynote Speaker on Friday, February 2, 2018. He presented "Things Invisible to See: State Action and Private Property." This Faculty Speaker Series talk will be open to the entire law school, whereas the Schmooze is an invitation-only workshop. 

Bernadette AtuaheneProfessor Bernadette Atuahene of IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law presented to the Texas A&M Law Faculty at the Faculty Speaker Series on Thursday, February 1, in addition to​ speaking on "Taxed Out: Illegal Property Tax Assessments and the Epidemic of Tax Foreclosures in Detroit" ​at the Schmooze on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

The 2018 Real Property Schmooze ​Schedule ​is available ​here.

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