• Angela Morrison

    Angela D. Morrison

    Associate Professor

    Discussed the issues involved in the LGBTQ workplace discrimination cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in an interview ​on Texas Standard. “The question that the court’s going to be considering is whether the term ‘because of sex’ in Title VII includes sexual orientation.” Learn more

  • Pham-Huyen-pref

    Huyen Pham


    Pham and her co-principal investigator, Professor Van Pham of Baylor University, received a $35,000 grant from the Russell Sage Foundation ​for their research project, “The Spillover Effects of 287(g) Agreements on State Trooper Policing.”
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  • Guillermo-Garcia-w

    Guillermo Garcia Sanchez

    Associate Professor

    Presented his research on international energy dispute resolution to Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission. The visit serves as a basis to establish further academic collaboration between Texas A&M and the Commission.
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